Reviewing Benefits and Strengths of Medicare Advantage Plans

A majority of people with Medicare receive health coverage through Original Medicare while others prefer Medicare Advantage. Note that Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are two different forms of healthcare management although they stem from the same root: Medicare. When you enroll to a Medicare Advantage plan, you do not cease to hold membership in Medicare, meaning you are required to submit monthly premiums for both Part A and B plans.

How to choose a plan
There is no definite formula that determines what one chooses; rather it’s in the discretion of the user to choose what plan they prefer. However, this does not mean to assume you are in the best position to choose the most accurate plan for your health. You need to spend some time shopping around and learning about the different plans available in the market before reaching at a verdict.

Check whether your doctor or hospital is included in the Medicare Advantage networks since not all health institutions offer the benefits. You may also need to consider the type of medications you take because some plans don’t include prescription drugs.

Do I qualify for enrollment?
This is a question posed by many people looking to join the network. To join Medicare, the requirements are simple. All you need as a first qualification is to enroll in Medicare Part A and B.

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InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare is simply redefining healthcare management through modern reforms and application of technology that is focused at enhancing efficiency. The company has focused on providing high-quality Medicare Advantage and Medicaid services as well as coming up with innovative provider network systems. InnovaCare has managed to gain a membership base of at least 200,000 individuals and the platform is gradually growing. According to the management of InnovaCare Health, keeping their focus on ensuring the satisfaction of patients has driven them to take a top position in the market.

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Under the leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto their CEO, InnovaCare has grown and developed networks within the U.S. Dr. Richard Shinto enjoys over 20 years working as a clinical and healthcare professional in managed care. He has also chaired other bodies like NAMM, where he held position as the Chief Medical Officer. With help from the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, he has been able to effectively implement development agendas. Penelope Kokkinides works hand in hand with other professionals within InnovaCare to avail solutions to problems and to strategize for the sake of growth.

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