The Medical Paradigm Shift of Dr. Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is the brilliant M.D. behind the Healthy Aging Medical Centers of North New Jersey. After training in New York at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, he chose to focus on a more health-conscious approach to solving medical discomforts and irregularities, which works with the body, rather than against it. Dr. Johanan Rand’s methods include long-term improvements by attacking the cause instead of the symptoms of one’s disease.

In a pill-pushing, non-personable medical world of treatment, it definitely gives one hope when coming in contact with a professional like Dr. Johanan Rand. He is a dedicated expert who prides himself in targeting and correcting underlying issues resulting in aging, weight gain and various other effects. Dr. Johanan Rand understands the importance of examining the underlying root of the problem, and correcting the hormonal imbalances that result in unpleasant circumstances and illnesses. The traditional approach to medicine is to minimize the symptoms of diseases and illnesses, therefore, causing short-term relief without targeting the actual source. In turn, this only breaks the individual’s body down even more and opens them up to new problems and dysfunctions.

Dr. Johanan Rand prides himself on personalizing each individual’s treatment, instead of generalizing their diagnosis by symptoms. His team also thoroughly examines the patient’s blood work for deficiencies, or what possibly needs replacing in order for the healing process to take place. He then starts them on a holistically-integrated medical regimen. He is one for regeneration and healing, rather than treating ( Dr. Johanan Rand’s treatments extensively addresses symptoms for both male and female patients due to like: fatigue, hot flashes, decreased energy, bladder symptoms, hair-loss, erectile dysfunction, weight-gain/loss, mood-swings, and a plethora of others.

When you decide to put your confidence in Dr. Johanan Rand, you will be getting top notch medical attention. Not only is he a respected M.D., but he is also a Physiatrist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor. Therefore, you will also be getting a dose of a health and fitness expert and a program that promotes nutrition, supplements and a life-changing approach to healing.