Clayton Hutson Rises Through The Ranks During Uncertain Economic Times

Nashville resident, Clayton Hutson, is considered a jack-of-all-trades within the realm of music and entertainment, parlaying his unique understanding of various aspects of the industry, such as audio engineering, stage management, and tour production, into a thriving and highly sought-after business. Prior to becoming one of the foremost entrepreneurs in this sector of music entertainment, Clayton Hutson attended college, where he concentrated on theater design. It was at this time that Mr. Hutson developed an unwavering passion for the music industry, most notably, Rock and Roll, and he began to branch out, learning the intricacies of entrepreneurship and live entertainment production. Today, Mr. Hutson continues to act as an innovator within the culture, creating new ways to push the envelope, while always staying abreast of the constant technological advancements that dictate the trajectory of the live entertainment industry.

Before becoming an entrepreneur in the world of live entertainment, Clayton Hutson worked for a number of businesses in separate capacities – each providing him with the knowledge and experience needed to launch his own venture. Mr. Hutson’s path to success wasn’t on par with what many would consider being the norm, as he decided to found his business during a time of economic uncertainty in America – the recession. Despite the financial turmoil affecting the country at the time, he was confident that he’d garnered enough experience to “navigate all aspects of live entertainment,” and decided to “take a leap of faith.”

One of the most important aspects of Clayton Hutson’s job is to bring his ideas, as well as the artist’s ideas, to life, allowing them to mesh in what should result in a successful endeavor. In order to do so, he generally envisions the set design in its entirety before starting the event, allowing him to get a full understanding of the venue and eliminate things that might hinder its overall success. This strategy is one that has followed him throughout the course of his career, making him a mainstay in a business that is highly reputation-driven.

Alex Pall, of The Chainsmokers, Stopped by Interview Magazine

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the musical duo The Chainsmokers. Of course, Andrew Taggart wasn’t always a part of the group. Alex Pall’s previous partner left the group, enabling Taggart to join, This event led to music history; The Chainsmokers have created a large number of mainstream hits since the change of membership. Some of the hits produced by Taggart and Pall are “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Paris.”

After the release of “Closer,” Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall went on the typical promotional tour. One of the places they stopped by was Interview Magazine – the creation of Andy Warhol.

One of the topics of the interview was Halsey, the featured singer on “Closer.” The unique thing about The Chainsmokers is that they always feature guest vocalists. Until the release of “Closer,” neither of The Chainsmokers would sing, but Andrew Taggart made his singing debut on “Closer.”

Along with Halsey, Andrew Taggart sang a duet about a couple who have recently started a life together.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said in reference to Halsey. “That’s the kind of artist we like to work with.”

The Chainsmokers also talked about their show and how it is always changing for the better. People who attended a Chainsmokers concert prior to 2016 will be surprised at how different it is now. For you, vocals will no longer be blasting from the loud speaker for vocalists who aren’t in the building. Andrew Taggart is now the front man and lead singer of the group, supplying his own original vocals and guest vocalists who can’t attend.

The interviewer also asked about The Chainsmoker’s fan base.

“Thanks to Instagram, I can tell you exactly [who our fans our,]” said Alex Pall. Pall explained that The Chainsmoker have an international fan base. “We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa,” said Pall. He also said that their primary demographic is teenagers and young adults.