The Sunny Plumber Offers A Full Line Of Plumbing Service

A Breakdown Of The Sunny Plumber Business

The Sunny Plumber is a full service plumbing contractor with locations in three states. They include the states of Arizona, California and Nevada. In Arizona, the Sunny Plumber services the metro Tucson and metro Phoenix area with both commercial and residential as well as industrial plumbing needs. In Nevada, service areas include the entire Las Vegas Valley, which covers all of Las Vegas and the surrounding towns and villages just outside of the valley. The Southern California service location covers an immense part of the state of California. It includes the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles, the suburbs of LA, the San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, the Inland Empire, San Bernardino County, Riverside and a few towns outside of this radius.

What Can The Sunny Plumber Do?

The Sunny Plumber can install, repair and do maintenance on sump pumps in your basement, for full services list, visit The sump pump is a type of pump that pumps water out of your basement and to the outside, thus preventing flooding of the basement and water damage from occurring there. They can also install water heaters as well as do maintenance and repairs on them. Detecting and fixing major leaks in water lines and pipes are another specialty. For homeowners, the Sunny Plumber can fix any minor or major leak that occurs in the home, whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen or underneath your home’s foundation.

Slab leaks can be very expensive and damaging to fix over the long run. Let the Sunny Plumber perform a slab leak detection test and take immediate remediation action to save you money and preserve your home’s foundation. Sewage lines can be cleaned by the Sunny Plumber and the firm has specialized robots that can check the status of pipes from within. Book now, visit

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