PSI Pay Introduced Contactless Ring as Easy Payment Option

PSI Pay a global financial transaction and payment fulfillment company is establishing specialized contactless payment options for the general public to make transactions without pulling out their cards with innovations such as their contactless ring that is providing easy payment options for shoppers. PSI Pay has been part of the information revolution in contactless innovations by providing opportunities for the advancement of the technologies that make purchases both safe and secure through multiple online platforms. Individuals are able to register their bank accounts, personal debit cards, and even transfer funds from prepaid sources that can be utilized on their contactless ring to make purchases both online and at affiliated vendors throughout the UK.

PSI Pay is teaming up with Kerv their affiliate and the organization that developed the contactless ring that can be worn by the general public and link to their PSI Pay app and used as a form of payment that no longer requires them to punch in a PIN or pull anything out of their wallets or purses to make normal transactions on a daily basis. The option of providing a ring on your finger gives individuals an opportunity to move swiftly through checkout terminals and provide a safe and secure option that can be utilized to make their individual shopping experience less timely and more efficient. PSI Pay has created 12 different sizes that are gender-neutral so men and women can wear and utilize the new technology and move swiftly through checkout stops and other basic shopping experiences with the convenience of waving their hand over designated terminals and swiftly proceeding through checkouts.

Most of the transactions generated with the contactless rings are for small shops and retail chains that individuals frequent on a regular basis and make small continuous purchases on a regular basis. Business such as small grocery stores, deli shops, and coffee chains are the most frequently used for the contactless ring technology. Terminals are also being constructed for public transportation and various other places where consistent small payment opportunities occur that can make the processing of payments through these arenas swift and user-friendly. PSI Pay continues to provide continuous innovation and advancement within the contactless payment industry and is revolutionizing the way that individuals pay for their everyday goods and services.

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Future Contactless Payments Made Possible Through PSI-Pay

Technology has taken business operations to greater heights especially in the area of monetary transactions. You no longer have to carry loads of money from one place or country to another or even look for a physical bank to deposit it. You can just deposit and withdraw money electronically. This is what PSI-Pay has come to enhance. PSI Pay is a leading insurer of payment cards and e-wallet. The company says that users can now use its cards to make contactless payments especially if their cards have the functionality with MasterCard’s PayPass. With payment cards from PSI-Pay, you can buy things online without problems.

Phil Davies who happens to be the PSI-Pay’s Managing Director says that the company’s services will give its clients more confidence when it comes to contactless payment market. Contactless Payments is a great technology that presents numerous opportunities for marketers, advertisers, and retailers. PSI-Pay has been known to offer the need security for an e-wallet. It is a company with full regulation from FCA and it makes it possible for the users to make global money transactions. Most businesses and individuals find the monetary transactions quite private, secure and instant.

PSI-Pay has been an established MasterCard member that has offered both physical and bespoke virtual car programs. Most individuals and companies have benefited a lot from its programs worldwide. Remote payment schemes and corporate expense management are some of the programs that PSI-Pay runs. The amount issuing and self-card facilities the PSI-Pay offers are great. PSI-Pay is the most effective, responsive and open-minded method you can use to transact your monetary services. The company has ensured that its ring owners are securely protected. The company has also come up with a strategy that encrypts the users’ financial information. This means the users can deactivate their accounts permanently or temporarily at any time. The users can also review their updated transaction logs and access them when they want.


In the world of e-wallets, you can either use the European or American e-wallet. The two has some differences though. With the American e-wallet, you can embody any loyalty program you need. Every transaction you make using American e-wallet is securely coded and it makes it easier to identify the beneficiary of the funds. The European e-wallet is known to have the multi-currency capability. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, the European e-wallet doesn’t allow you to accrue interests. The deposit protection scheme of the European e-wallet can only safeguard the wallet up to a specified limit.

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