Wikipedia and You

When it comes to the internet there are thousands upon thousands of articles and pieces of content published every day. That being said, there are also plenty of false articles out there that can often confuse readers. Wikipedia is notorious for articles that may be less than factual and as a reader this can be frustrating. When you’re looking to Get Your Wiki, there are a few tips for making your own Wikipedia entry that can help you to insure it is factual and well written to keep readers interested and informed.

1. Sources- the most important part of any article are your sources. If you are writing about something that you are not an expert in you need to make sure you have some credible sources from which to draw your information. As a general rule, three or more is a good number for sources. Try to find sources that come from .gov, .edu, and .org sites as these are more highly regulated and fact checked.

2. Outline- it is always best to start with an outline before you begin to write. Not only will this help you to organize your thoughts but it will also help you to get your article into the appropriate format. Nearly all Wikipedia articles are written in an outline format to make for easy navigation and easy reading. This will also help you in the submission process as you work to publish your article. You should write your outline to help get your thoughts together and give direction to your topic.

3. Writing Style- the last issue that you want to consider is your writing style. This is going to make a huge difference in how you work on your article and how it ends up. You should try for a professional style that lets readers know that you have researched your topic and that you know what you are talking about. You should also try to be conversational enough that readers will not lose interest and so that they will continue to read your work. It is always best to adopt a semi formal style so that you can let readers know you are prepared without coming off as cut and dry which can be very boring.