Town Residential’s Expansion into Meatpacking District

Three years after its inception, Town Residential embarked into opening its tenth outpost based in Meatpacking District. The new office space complemented Town’s line of work due to its strategic location. As so, it provided access to residential neighborhoods located along the Hudson River.


Town obtained access to the 7,100-square-foot office space through leasing it for a duration of 15 years. Apart from its serene ambiance, the office featured access to a private deck positioned on top of the building and 16-foot ceilings. According to Heiberger, the new space made Town the only brokerage firm with an outdoor space for meeting customers and working. As so, it created a significant difference between Town Residential and other players in the real estate brokerage industry.


The area around the 446W.14th St. office space appealed to Town because of its strategic location. It had grown into one of the most sought-after neighborhoods. Heiberger cited that Town viewed the entire West Side as a continuous band of residential areas or neighborhoods. Consequently, the representatives based in the new space were expected to put more focus on markets between Hudson Yards and TriBeCa.


Towns’ close association with Thor Equities contributed profoundly to securing the lease for the Meatpacking District-based office. Thor Equities, Town Residential’s parent investor, served as the landlord of the building during the deal.


Occupants of the Meatpacking District-based office


Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm dealing with sales transaction in West Village, was among the anticipated occupants of the new space. Further, Town cited indications of shifting its small office, which was located in 45 Horatio St., to the new office at 446W.14th St.


Town Residential


Town is one of the leading real estate brokerage firms in New York, which specializes in luxury residential properties. Andrew Heiberger is credited for establishing the firm in 2010. Its name gives a hint of the real estate properties that fall under its operations. Town’s success is also fueled by its equity partner, Thor Equities, a landlord and real estate development firm. This gives Town the advantage of utilizing the expertise and experience held by is co-chairpersons, Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt.


Since its formation, it has strived to maintain its legacy as a premier luxury real estate services firm. Town has invested in world-class customer services to ensure that it stands out from its competitors. The customer service team features skilled and experienced representatives who are well-versed with luxury leasing, leasing, marketing and sales of properties. In 2013, it absorbed Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm specializing in sales in the West Village. Over the years, Town has received numerous recognitions including being named among the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.


Real Estate Offerings In New York City Burroughs

I ran across an article on the New York Times’ website about the current real estate market in New York. The market in New York City has changed quite a bit in recent years. The city is safer and cleaner than it has been in recent memory, and finding apartments in NYC luxury real estate and homes in the area are more affordable than they have been in awhile as far as New York standards go.

If you’re on a budget that is under half a million and you’re looking for something with a yard, then Staten Island may be your best bet, but other neighborhoods like Manhattan may take a little more time and patience to find something nice and that affordable. Brooklyn has a place called the No. 2 at 268 Berkeley Place in Park Slope that’s considered a cooperative complex that is priced under $500,000, and the residents say that it takes you out of the big city feel of things. Places like that do have a drawback though. The place in Brooklyn has a garden that’s actually bigger than the apartment itself. There are places in Brooklyn that have more space and outdoor areas though, but the outdoor space is commonly considered as the lawns separating the buildings.

The Bronx, which is a surprisingly a safer burrough in New York, doesn’t have a lot of outdoor options under $500,000, but the outskirts of the neighborhood are ripe with awesome views of the city and plenty of fresh air. The Bronx has an area called the balcony district where there’s about 30 square feet of space on the balconies, and that is enough room to convert a balcony into a patio and put small furniture on it. A lot of real estate brokers also attest to the Bronx being a quieter neighborhood, and people are usually going to get more bang for their buck there.

Since there are so many options available, and there are so many neighborhoods to choose from in a huge area, then it might be a good idea to go with a luxury real estate service firm like Town Residential. The firm was founded in 2010, and it has been named one of the best places to work in New York City so you will always get a courteous professional willing to help you. Most of the executives there are rich in knowledge regarding New York City no matter what your price point is.

New Jersey Real Estate On The Upswing, BUT Sellers Are Still Afraid Of Falling

New Jersey citizens are still afraid to put their houses on the market due to the 2006 “slumber” as an article from Realty Today calls it. The rest of the nation has recovered from the slumber and business is booming. Experts say the main two reasons for this New Jersey hibernation is partially to blame due to the 8.12% of foreclosed properties and the overall population of the state. 

This might not be a good time to be a seller but for investors and people in the market for a new home this is a prime time to purchase. Housing wire along with Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC all believe it’s time for a comeback from The Garden State. Housing Wire and Omar Boraie have two very different outlooks on what is going to bring this city back to life. On one hand, Housing Wire is emphasizing of the face that social media is becoming a big seller for realtors, and they’re right! It’s free ad space to get the job done. They are also crediting low down payments and low interest rates to what will be the wake up call of New Jersey Real Estate. The last key point Housing Wire is pointing out is as long as there’s a internet connection there will always be a way to get the necessaries done.
Omar Boraie and Housing Wire are predicting the same outcome but for different reasoning. Omar Boraie has already been apart of making New Brunswick the city it is today. He has a good eye for investing and wants none of the credit. He believes in creating “the next-generation office community” this Is a big part of his prediction on the upswing of the New Jersey Real Estate Market. He has a vision for what New Brunswick will look like and he’s doing everything in his power to make that a dream come true.
He wants to create a community of vast differences, old, young, families, students, businesses.  He says “if Johnson & Johnson didn’t decide to stay in New Brunswick, none of this would have happened.” As you can see Mr. Boraie and Boraie Development are looking to create a better future by attracting a plethora of people to add to the population. They are making New Jersey Real Estate attractive again. 
As you can see it doesn’t matter the reasoning, New Jersey will be on a Real Estate uprising just like New Brunswick. Whether it’s because of social media and low down payments or the creation of a space everyone wants t be, I think it’s safe to say New Jersey will be happy about it and welcome the change.