What Shoes Does A Stylish Man Need This Winter?

Men who want to dress well this winter must have the right shoes, and Paul Evans New York has the finest men’s italian shoes on the market today. A man who shops the Paul Evans collection will uncover amazing styles that will take him from the office to dinner in the evening and out to the bar for drinks afterward. Each man who shops the New York shoe scene must be aware of the beautiful shoes that are out there, and each shoe must be purchased with a purpose. This article explores the beauty of Paul Evans shoes, what men must wear this season and how men may choose these shoes.

#1: Black, Brown And Cordovan

Every man must wear shoes that are in black, brown and cordovan. Black and brown are common colors for the office, and cordovan is a heavy burgundy that a man can wear with virtually any color. Shopping for the winter requires a bit of variety, and a man must have at least one shoe in each color. Gentlemen who are looking for great shoes must choose the colors that match their current wardrobe. Most men tend to have clothes that lean in a certain direction, and each pair of shoes must be chosen with a certain ensemble in mind.

#2: What Does Paul Evans Offer?

Paul Evans New York offers casual and business shoes that men can wear for any occasion. A man who works in a formal office can wear black oxfords that look perfect with crisp suits and white shirts, and a man who work sin a more casual office will find loafers in a variety of colors. The Paul Evans collection is quite expansive, and men will find a shoe in each of the three primary colors for their shoe wardrobe.

#3: Paul Evans Shoes Are Modern

The cut on Paul Evans shoes is a bit more forgiving than the cut on shoes that are more traditional. The long toes on Paul Evans shoes are indicative of the modern style of today, and these shoes come with subtle bragging or additions that make the shoes come to life. The modern styling of a Paul Evans shoe will stand the test of time, and a man who invests in these shoes today will still be on-trend in a few years.

The winter shoe options for men are going to bring black, brown and cordovan to every man’s closet. Long toe boxes in the Paul Evans line provide men with more comfort and style at the same time, and men who choose from the collection will find a variety of different shoes for each occasion. A man will never want for a winter shoe when shopping in the right place.