Innovative Strategies In The Premium Dog Food Sector

Innovation is what draws the line between the successful business and the super successful business. To stay competitive a business must continually put new twists and turns on what already exists. It is the way to capture the attention and pocketbooks of the consumer population. Whether it is softer toilet paper or even dog kibble, newer ideas bring higher profits.

The premium dog food makers are bringing fresh new ideas and concepts to the foods we feed our pets. One manufacturer is fixated on freshness to the point where expiration dates are put on each package of food. Approaching his facility means garnering the smells of fresh chicken, turkey, and beef. These meats are then combined into different formulas like chunky chicken and packaged while at their freshest.

The practice of using only real meats and vegetables and shunning fillers and preservatives is not a new concept. Purina Beneful has been offering premium foods for dogs for some time. Big hearty chunks of chicken, beef, and turkey smothered in delicious gravies and chock full of healthy vegetables have been a mainstay of the Beneful line.

Premium dog food companies have recognized the bar Beneful has set for them and are stepping up to the competitive plate. Producing fresh formulas for every stage of your pet’s life is what Beneful does best and now has multiple manufacturers competing for consumer dollars.

Consumers can now find even more choices when determining what to feed their dogs. Many of the newer, fresher choices include foods and entrees that are very much like what owners would put on their own tables. Beef stews, sirloin burgers, and even lamb are among the many choices.

These choices do come at a price. The better quality and fresher ingredients require more revenue to produce. These costs are then passed to the consumer. This does not seem to sway sales though. Premium foods are turning a multi million dollar business into a multi billion dollar business.

Sales seem to be fueled by pet owners healthier eating habits. They want their pets to benefit from healthier foods that will promote longer, happier lives.