Enhanced Athlete Victory Over A Giant

Enhanced Athlete slew The Giant Nutrition Distribution known for being notorious with rival supplement companies by accusing them of allegedly causing their sales to drop during their marketing campaigns and threatening them with costly legal fees if they do not settle out of court.


Nutrition Distribution came to Enhanced Athlete with their attorneys requesting a substantial settlement to be paid expecting to have an easy victory, but they had a surprising outcome. Enhanced Athlete, is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming which is their base company, they focus on fitness and bodybuilding supplements. Scott Cavell CEO of Enhanced Athlete said that Nutrition Distribution was in the business of shaking down supplement companies.


During the legal battle, it was revealed that Enhanced Athlete is among 70 lawsuits filled by Nutrition Distributions against other supplement companies. Nutrition Distribution has sent out hundreds of letters demanding settlement payments. Each letter alleges that Nutrition Distribution is the leading supplement industry. They stated that these companies sales had harmed Nutrition Distributions sales. Their letter went on to say that if they did not settle this matter out of court, they would be faced with substantial legal fees. It was also evident that to Scott Cavell that as long as supplement companies persisted in paying nuisance valve settlements, Nutrition Distribution would continue with its’ business model to shake down these companies with lawsuits.


Scott Cavell was pleased with the court’s decision to deny their motion and agreed with Enhanced Athlete that the Nutrition Distributions just had no real evidence to show that their sales dropped because of Enhanced Athletes marking campaigns. Enhanced Athlete has won the battle against the Giant Nutrition Distributions. How sweet the smell of victory is when you win the battle over a Giant in the industry.


Enhanced Athlete has two daughter companies Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear:


Enhanced Gear concentrates on athletic equipment that will maximize training and bodybuilding performance.


Enhanced Coaching offers athletes customized professional training packages thru expert bodybuilding coaches. All of the Enhanced Athletes use the Enhanced Logo, and each has its website where their customers can reach out to official representatives.