The Gaining Popularity of Coworking Space in NYC


Co-working spaces is a concept neither new nor limited to the United States, as this particular kind of working environment can now be found worldwide; however, these co-workers are usually not employed by the same company. These independent professionals are sharing a comfortable atmosphere and may be mobile.

The social aspect of working professionals may drive the attractive concept, saving independent contractors or traveling professionals the isolation of working at home with limited available technology. Co-working situations may additionally promote value by replacing isolation and the distractions of home life with a professional work place setting.

Co-working communities may be formed during what is known as “Jellies.” The popularity of communal, co-working, or shared spaces has been shown in studies to have roughly doubled since 2006. Large metropolitan areas are prime locations for co-working opportunities and aid in allowing flexible schedules.

The demand for space holds increasing interest in the ability of providing an informal, private, and safe base where supplies and files can be stored eliminating the necessity of having to keep materials mobile.

So what accounts for the rise in popularity of co-working, membership-based workspaces? Many are freelancers who feel they are performing meaningful work. There is little competition and no internal politics, and they do not have to fit into another’s idea of dress code. Without competition, the co-worker feels a stronger identity. Additionally, since each hold a unique skill, the co-worker is often able to volunteer cooperative assistance to others.

The co-worker also has more job time control, focusing on the task at hand, or coming and going at will or schedule. Still, the discipline that is set by the community helps with motivation, and social interaction in the community is not a requirement, but has the potential for contact when desired.

An excellent example of high profile, comfortable, and location based co-working Manhattan offices for rent is Workville in the heart of New York City. Centrally located near Times Square and major transportation, Workville combines office space, cafe, lounge area, and several outdoor terraces on the 21st floor at 1412 Broadway.

Amenities include fast internet, mail service, and printers and offices are available 24 hours a day. Additional spaces include private offices and conference rooms. Views from the terraces are breathtaking and a major draw. The open lounge is available for scheduled events and there is an in-house event planning team. The venue makes a strong, favorable impression.