The Benefits Of A Good Quality Dog Food

Whether you are adopting a rescue dog, you are taking in a stray or you have adopted from a breeder, chances are your dog did not start their life out with the best nutrition. This is largely due to previous caregivers not understanding the importance of a good quality dog food and proper nutrition. Luckily, after reading this article you as a dog owner will realize how important it is to pay attention to what your pet is eating. Their health depends on it. The old saying is true: You are what you eat. As humans we know that if we were to eat processed foods or fast foods for a long duration of time, this would slow us down, we would not feel our best and in a very short amount of time we would begin to have health issues that would require the attention of our doctor. The same is true for dogs and their health.

When a dog eats a healthy and well balanced diet this allows them to live a long and healthy life that is free of any serious medical issues or concerns. What may seem like a trustworthy dog food brand may actually be a harmful food that contains chemicals, by products and preservatives. Studies are now showing that grain free and corn free dog food is very beneficial as well. The goal of purchasing a dog food is not to keep it affordable but rather to make sure that the food you pick contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for your pup to grow and thrive.

The best dog food brands are those that have a variety of different foods available so you can choose what will work best for your dog. This might mean choosing a puppy food for when they are young. This could also mean you switch over to a senior dog food that will provide an older animal with the nutrients they need to function well into their elderly years. Beneful is a great brand that provides you with options. Dogs age more rapidly than we as humans do. This means that their nutritional requirements change frequently so with the aid of a trusted vet, your pet’s nutrition can encompass everything that it needs along the way.

While many dogs can easily consume a lower quality dog food and live well into their teen years, this usually means the animal has more health issues along the way. Poor nutrition can also compromise a pet’s quality of life. A more natural diet that is free of additives is the best option. Currently, the USDA does not regulate the ingredients that make their way into dog foods. Because of this, it is up to the consumer to ensure that the food they choose for their pet is adequate and safe.

When Spirituality And Business Are Combined Amazing Things Happen


There are many ways that people can try to make the business world a better place, and one of the best ways that people have been doing that, lately, is through adding spirituality into the business world. There are some people who believe that the two things really belong together, and the results of their efforts to make them go side by side have proved them right.
Spirituality and business might not seem like the perfect pair, but once they are together they make everything go more smoothly. Spirituality in the business world means that everyone is getting along a little bit better. It means more peace of mind, and more respect toward one another. Any business could use that kind of positive attitude. Spirituality might not seem like it has a place in the business world, but it really does.
Joseph Bismark realized that spirituality is deserving of a place in the business world a while ago, and he decided to take it upon himself to make it happen. He started out his business to prove to others that these two very different things can go well together, and he has been able to do just that. People see his business and the way that he treats the people that are working alongside him, and they have to agree that he is doing things right.
Joseph Bismark spent some of his early years living with the monks in the Philippines, and the things that he learned there have been engraved in him for life. He learned to be a peaceful, kind and respectful person. He treats others like he would want to be treated himself, and he gives them all the chance to prove themselves to him. The way that he does business isn’t like anyone else, and more people should look up to him and try to imitate all of the wonderful things that he has done.
So, yes, spirituality does deserve a place in the business world. And when the two are combined amazing things can happen.

North American Spine Works to Help the Children

When imagining severe pain, some only think about getting a bad cut, breaking a bone, or getting some type of deep wound. Severe pain doesn’t have to come from something breaking or an open wound in the body. It’s possible to have some of the most severe pain internally, just by having pain in the neck or back area. Severe neck pain can make it very hard to turn the head, or the pain makes it unbearable to use the neck. Severe pain in the back, especially the lower back, it may make it nearly impossible to work on a daily basis.

Those who have extremely bad back pain, they may find it difficult to walk properly, and they may end up on bed rest. Many know that pregnant women tend to suffer from lower back pain, but this type of pain is usually temporary. Those who suffer from back pain that is severe, the pain may be permanent, which means that it’s chronic. Any chronic pain that lasts for many months, it may be something that is unbearable, and it makes it impossible for the person to work and play normally. It’s time to get rid of the pain for good, and a chiropractor may not be the answer.

It may be necessary to receive a surgical procedure in order to heal back pain. If the back pain is severe enough to where surgery is needed, then North American Spine doctors can perform the procedure. The AccuraScope procedure is a great suggestion for those who need healing from their back or neck pain. Pain is never something that anyone should accept as being normal, especially when it’s extremely severe. Back and neck pain can be relieved with the AccuraScope procedure, which is also minimally invasive.

Since the procedure requires a very small incision, the incision will heal much quicker, allowing the person to get back to their normal routine. After the patient heals from their procedure, they may be able to live pain free, which is something they may not have been able to do for years. Neck and back pain does not have to be tolerated if a patient is willing to visit North American Spine. It’s time to say goodbye to neck and back pain for good.

Plus, one of the coolest things they do is community outreach.  Including working with local Dallas schools to provide an education into back health.