Dr. Daniel Amen Is Delivering a New Way to Look at Health

People rely on doctors for some of the most important things in their lives. When people are sick, they trust doctors to help them become well. When people need to understand a medication, they turn to their doctors for advice. But until recently there was a disconnect between doctors and one of the most important aspects of one’s health. People simply didn’t ask their doctors about food. And to be fair, there’s often good reason for this. Most doctors haven’t made a professional name for themselves from studying the health effects of food. But one doctor who has is Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen started his career by wondering how he could best help people. He knew that there’s a multitude of things that can go wrong with people’s health. And all of those negative effects can spring from just as many different causes. To be of the most help to people he needed to find out where the most people were suffering the most problems. His research led him to one very important conclusion. People were destroying their health by choosing to eat the wrong foods. And just as importantly, they weren’t eating enough of the right foods.

Dr. Daniel Amen looked at what people were eating and noticed that so many items were all but nutritionally void. He knew better than anyone what such malnutrition could mean to the human body. Though with his specialty in neurology he also realized that people’s reliance on empty calories would have some striking effects on their minds. He knew that for people to be their best they needed to be eating the best foods.

And this was the genesis of one of the most important health campaigns in recent years. Dr. Daniel Amen went about looking at the foods that people were eating. And he noted what nutrients the average person was lacking. He then went about codifying everything into easy to read material. By doing so he’s been able to deliver a message of positive health to people who would otherwise have never realized how malnourished they were. Dr. Daniel Amen has recently finished writing a new book on the subject called “The Daniel Plan”. It’s allowing people to take control of their health and psychiatric well being by modifying their diet.

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