Dr. Mark Holterman’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Dr. Mark Holterman, graduate of Yale University with honors and Director of Surgery at the University of Washington wears many hats. As a fellow of pediatric surgery at Children’s Hospital of Seattle, he developed a passion for innovation and technology and a strong desire to help heal people not just in his city, but all over the world. Much of his interest centered on stem cell and autoimmunity topics, and he has made efforts to expand his influence in these spheres.


A Passionate Doctor

Mariam Global Health was created by Dr. Mark Holterman to help him connect with the medical community beyond doctor to patient interactions. With the medical field constantly changing and innovating, Dr. Mark Holterman stepped in to create a business that would help connect medical innovators with a concentration in biotechnology to investors that could help them bring life to their theories and ideas. Mariam Global Health helps remove some of the risks that often stand in the way of medical innovation, and embraces technology to help treat patients from all around the world.


A Dynamic Entrepreneur

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Dr. Holterman advises his colleagues to create teams of individuals that have experience and can bring new perspective to a project. He believes that this is the best model for building long-term success to an idea. Dr. Holterman also believes in financial responsibility, and understands that some ideas may need to be reworked or abandoned if they do not have full support of investors. Willingness to be flexible helps keep progress moving forward!

Dr. Mark Holterman is heavily motivated by his passion for regenerative medicine and medical photonics, but also enjoys his role as an entrepreneur. He actively seeks the expertise of others, and knows that success is not something that most people come by alone. Dr. Holterman is passionate about incorporating technology into his daily life and his work, and has always ensured that his failures have pushed him forward to make him a better and smarter doctor and businessman.


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