Educational Technology Start Up Company Class Dojo Goes Viral

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don came to America with a pressing question that they were seeking to solve. Wanting to know what the worst art of teaching, they came to this country on tourist visas in the summer of 2011 anxious to launch a educational-technology start up company. After 90 days of speaking with teachers in California, the duo traveled back to the United Kingdom with that question unresolved. While it took an additional five years, Don and Chaudhary successfully launched ClassDojo and since then, have experienced extraordinary embracement and growth of their ed-tech app.


Don and Chaudhary was able to raise $8.5 million to fund the start up in their first round of fundraising in 2013, and attracted an additional $21 million in a second round of venture fundraising in 2015. This was all after raising their grassroots funding of $1.6 million, which got the start up off the ground and propelled it into gaining the attraction of supporters who believe in Don and Chaudharys’ mission. Withe the strong support from venture capitalist and other investors, ClassDojo only needed the approval from parents and teachers in order to begin alleviating some of the obstacles surrounding the classroom.


As August 2016, ClassDojo has attracted millions of parents and teachers who share the common goal of creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools. 2 in 3 schools, including all private, public and charter schools in America, utilize the platform. It is also used in 180 countries around the world. Last summer, the app was downloaded more than 500,000 per day as parents and students began to get in gear for the back-to-school rush. With this app, teachers and parents can converse about the students in a continuous dialogue instead of only discussion the students’ progress during parent-teacher conferences. It also allows students to share their classroom work with their parents so that they are involved with their student’s academic progress on a daily basis. While there has been some criticism, the app has been widely perceived as a extremely helpful tool for parents to become more involved and connected with their child education.


The educational app serves as a communication platform between teachers, parents and students in order to empower the students and transform their learning experience. The app is available in the both the Apple and Google Play stores for download and it allows for everyone involved to connect within the classroom. Students are able to create a digital portfolio of their classwork and have the ability to visually account for their own progress in school.


Teachers are able to provide positive reinforcement to the children that further encourages them to strive for excellence. They also gain the ability to converse with parents so in a way that allows them to work together proactively in order to address areas in need of improvement. Parents can use their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to engage with their children at home in order to enhance their learning and development experiences in school. This Ground-up change is exactly what many parents and teachers have been needing in order to bridge the communication gaps that prevent students from performing at their best. Now that the app is accessible, the worst part of teaching has transformed into the best part of teaching.



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