Eric Puller Always Looking to Give Back

Eric Puller is someone who is always looking to give back. While he has excelled in his work as a computer programmer and someone who has been able to work with networking, one of the most important elements of Eric’s professional career is to note that most of what he does is to assist others around him. This includes both what he does for a living and through philanthropy based services as well. So, if someone wants to look at someone who does whatever they can to give back to those less fortunate then themselves, Eric Puller is an individual they should look at.

Giving Back Through Work

Eric Puller has been giving back professional almost as soon as he came out of college. Now, he did have an excellent education, going to both Harvard and MIT at the exact same time. Once he left college and moved out to Los Angeles from the East Coast, he created a company known as People Doing Things. This company helped connect both the medical community and the educational community together so computer networking could assist in bridging gaps and other possible problems. However, this was just the beginning in how he started to give back to the world around him.

One of the most important jobs Eric took up centered around children with chronic illnesses. He created a social network back in 1998 (before Twitter or Facebook came onto the scene) called Starbright World. The social media network is designed to help children who suffer from serious illnesses to be able to communicate with other children around the world. It can be difficult for children to form friendships with other children at school when they are in the hospital a considerable amount of the time. It also makes it difficult for the child to relate to other children as they are going through issues that no other child they know is going through. With the private social media network, it makes it possible for a child to connect with other children battling similar issues through posts, blog writings, pictures and messages. All of this can make it just a bit easier on the child when they know there are other children just like them in other places in the world.

Beyond Work

Outside of his professional career, Eric also gives back through his philanthropy as well. He is a donor to non profit organizations throughout the United States, most of which are designed to assist children who suffer from health conditions. Like his professional career though, Eric is all about giving back and helping others who are less fortunate than he is. All of this helps improve the world around him and improve lives as well.

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