Fortress Investment Group, The International Investment Firm.

Fortress investment group is a global investment firm located in New York that deals with managing private investors and institutional client’s assets across a variety of real and credit estate, permanent investment capital and private equity strategies. The firm manages assets of an approximate value of 43.6 billion dollars. The firm was founded in 1998 and it was the first company in the US to be publicly known in offering alternative options in the business investment industry. The company was founded by Randal A. Nardone serving currently as the principal and Wesley R. Edens who serves as Co- CEO and principal of the firm both residing in New York. Besides the two co- founders, Peter L. Bridger is also part of the management team who serves as the Co-CEO and principal of the firm and lives in San Francisco. The leadership team, with a combined experience of more than 75 Years, is devoted to sustaining strong business governance practices and policies. The company’s executive team has set procedures, policies and a clear framework to acquire the maximum level in accountability and business integrity.

The Fortress investment group has 5 core competencies which include; expertise in capital markets. Through accessing equity and debt capital markets, the firm has proficiency in securing low risk and low cost investment finances; corporate acquisition and mergers, the firm has long term experience in corporate acquisition and mergers and this enables them to work for several executives teams, management and diverse stakeholders to determine most favorable execution and structure of investments; operation management, the organization has over the years developed strategies to deal with operational, strategic and structural challenges. These strategies help the organization to extort value from investments that seem complex; industry knowledge, the group has profound knowledge on industries that it invests in. The firm has a professional investment team with specific sectors proficiency and relationship with individuals, leading institutions and companies around the globe that executes investments while operating companies’ portfolios. The last core competence of the company is that it is asset based. Across the companies’ private credit and equity funds, the company specializes in diverse range of types of assets. Besides asset investing, the group is also skilled in financing, owning, pricing and supervising financial and physical assets varying from capital assets and real estate to fiscal assets that are secured by various cash flows.

SoftBank Group, a Japan based firm, announced their acquisition of the Fortress investment group. The Japan located firm bought the organization at 3.3 Billion dollars to work in conjunction with the Japanese firm technology venture fund. SoftBank paid 39% premium to the closing price of Fortress investment group and 8.08% as shares. The executives of the New York based firm, peter L. Bridger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens, will still continue running the business in New York and operate autonomously within SoftBank. According to spoke woman from SoftBank, the acquisition is meant to intensify investments in both firms.

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