Freedom Checks Becoming a More Popular Investment Opportunity

Freedom Checks have been around for a long time, but this particular term for the checks was made famous only in the past couple of years.


Many wonder if such checks are legit and if there are any opportunities to receive such checks out there that can, in fact, be trusted. It is a well-established fact that spammy offers for easy money around on the internet and that has made less popular opportunities be faced with a dose of suspicion even if they are trustworthy. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.


But what is the case with freedom checks? The term was coined by geologist and investor Matt Badiali some years ago. He learned about these checks from a few of the investors that he got the chance to work with while operating and traveling the world for business. He claims that these freedom checks provide investors with large sums of money and at the same time they do not have to pay income tax on them as they are not viewed as income but capital return instead.


Freedom checks are what Matt Badiali has been calling them, but these special checks have been around since the legislation of the Stature 26 F more than 40 years ago. It applies to corporations based in the United States of America, predominantly in the industry of gas and oil. If the corporation fulfills the requirement of the Stature 26 F, then they can operate free of tax. The Stature 26 F was created as an attempt to make the United States of America function as an independent energy country. Visit the website to learn more.


There are two requirements and only 568 businesses in the country fulfill them. The first is to generate 90 percent of the revenue from operating nationally, and the other is to pay out that money to their investors. These corporations that are under the Stature 26 F are MLPs and are similar to traditional stock dividends.


Matt Badiali offers a newsletter subscription called Real Wealth Strategies. In the newsletter, he talks about freedom checks and provides some advice on how to start collecting them as he likes to share the MLP companies that have provided him with returns for his investments.


The Real Wealth Strategist was started up about several months ago. Matt Badiali has already made over a dozen recommendations for investments. In fact, out of the 15 stocks he recommended through the newsletter, 12 of them are rising with an average gain of almost 18 percent.


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