Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: How FDR Saved Our Marriage

One of the most common factors that can lead to accumulation in debt is losing one’s job. If you lose your job you can result to the use of credit cards to pay off bills with the hope that you would soon get a job and be in a position to repay these debts. This was the case with Julie M. and her husband. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Julie says that her journey into debt began when her husband got laid off at work. Her husband was employed while Julie ran her own business. In the testimonial titled “It Helped Our Marriage” Julie confesses that her husband’s loss of job came at a financially inappropriate time for the couple. “We did not have enough reserve to take care of us when he was looking for work again”. To cover the additional expenses, the couple resulted in use of Julie’s business card which she only used for business loans previously. As a result her business also began to perform poorly recording about a quarter or a third lower returns than what was normal.

Unable to cater for personal expenses and their business expenses, the couple’s level of debt quickly rose. In the Freedom Debt Relief Review, Julie says that uncertainty created by the rising debt level quickly led to frustration. Not only was their financial situation deteriorating but the circumstances had begun to affect the relationship between Julie and her husband. “I knew we had to do something or things were just going to get worse and worse over time” says Julie in the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews. For Julie and her husband, seeking help from Freedom Debt Relief was the solution.
When Judy contacted the company, the first thing that attracted her to pursue the services of the company was the kindness of the FDR representative. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Julie say “I felt she cared”. This personalized service provision approach was essential in helping Julie and her husband recover from their debts. Julie started experiencing a great sense of relief and fulfillment when they settled their first account. The company did not only help Julie recover from their heavy burden of debts but it also help them recover the relationship between them. According the Julie, high quality services and professionalism are the two qualities that make her recommend the services of Freedom Debt Relief to any person stuck in the same financial situation that she had faced.

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