FreedomPop Has Several Great Phone Plans Available At Incredibly Low Prices

Any informed person who has never read a FreedomPop review about the services, they should get to know about the free cell phone service. The free service has been around long enough to become very popular and to make FreedomPop a one-of-a-kind company. The fact that FreedomPop has also added free Internet service has brought more attention to their company, especially since they have different forms of Internet service, including Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. Their cell phone service has improved a lot over the years because FreedomPop has expanded from being on the Sprint towers to adding GSM networks.

FreedomPop obviously saw that there was a demand for the use of sim card phones, so they’ve added GSM phone to their network by tapping into T-Mobile and AT&T towers to give service to these types of phones. An unlocked phone that has some of the latest software can easily be used on the FreedomPop network as long as it has a sim card from FreedomPop. The sim card must be obtained directly from FreedomPop or a partner, and the price of the sim card is much lower than any other phone company charges for a sim card.

FreedomPop has the generous price of $4.99 for their sim cards, and in some cases, the sim card price may go down to a mere $0.99. The sim card must be obtained by having it shipped to any customer that wants to start service on their GSM phone. Many like the fact that they can use their name brand GSM phone with FreedomPop, and it’s compatible with any cell phone plan that FreedomPop has, even with the free cell phone plan from FreedomPop, but many still prefer to use the “unlimited everything” plan.

The plan that has everything unlimited will come with talk, text, and data, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99. FreedomPop also allows its users to extend their 4G LTE data limits by paying for each extra gigabyte of data that they add to their account. Even with the unlimited everything plan being available, some may still prefer to pay less for their cell phone service, so the paid plan for $10.99 is also available with unlimited text messages, 200 minutes, and 200 MB of data. Anyone who wants cell phone service from FreedomPop can feel free to choose the service that is the most suitable.

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