George Soros: Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

George Soros is someone that when he talks, people listen. It is as simply as that. He has experience, knowledge, history, and tons of passion on when it comes to the world we live in every day of our lives. He cares about it and wants to see it be in the best possible shape that it can be, for now, and for the foreseeable future. Recently, he made an $8 million dollar donation to Hilary Clinton to help her run for presidency. We remember back in 2004, when he tried to get George W. Bush out of office. George Soros is a man of conviction and not afraid to do what he believes is right for the betterment of society.

He has given this money to pro-Hilary group. He believes in her and wants to do all that he can to help her. Let’s face it: we all need a little bit help these days and we can never have enough support when it comes to something we are passionate about in the world. It would be a huge milestone to have Hilary be the first woman in office. George Soros doesn’t see gender, however. He sees people. In Hilary, he sees someone he can get behind, support, and see putting the world in a better place.

While others have donated, his money stands above and beyond them all. It isn’t just the money. While we don’t always want to admit it, we need money to get things done. It would be great if we lived in a world where that wasn’t the case. That isn’t true, however. For real change and real promise to be had in the future, Hilary needs all the help she can get and there is nothing wrong with that and it is nothing to be ashamed of, at all.

He and Hilary have been in contact, and he has appreciated that he listens to his support and ideas. Of course, we all remember that she ran in 2008, but now in 2016, she is viable candidate with real power behind her. When you are talking with people like George Soros and they are putting up big funds to help your run for president, you know you are doing something right.
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Again, George isn’t one to give out empty praise or give money to just anyone. They need to earn it and show they are worthy of it. George, is, of course, a Hungarian-born investor that has made many profitable investments in the past. This might be his best investment yet. We are all waiting to see how this one pays off in the long run.

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