Glen Wakeman – A Successful Entrepreneur With A Kind Heart

Mr. Glen R. Wakeman achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Scranton and a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Chicago. Currently, he has more than thirty years of successful financial administration experience. Part of his career longevity in the finance industry has been with the GE Corporation. He was the CEO of General Electric Consumer Finance Latin America where he set-up financial operations for have exponentially grown from a stark beginning. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at Crunchbase.

Glen Wakeman is the founder and President of Nova Four which began in 2015. Nova Four provides strategic advice to businesses that are either start-ups or mid-level enterprises. As the aegis for Nova Four, Mr. Wakeman serves as the mentor for new business leaders and entrepreneurs. As a successful entrepreneur himself, in 2015 he started his own company called Launch Pad Holdings, LLC. Through Launch Pad Holdings, Glen continues his mentoring skills focusing on global financial leadership through Internet platforms of young entrepreneurs and to help them offer unique services. Visit to know more about Glen Wakeman.

As he travels around the world as a motivational speaker, he talks to young business owners and corporate owners on strategic innovations in the business industry worldwide. Glen Wakeman developed a business methodology that he shares in his talks. His work principles are based on five passion keys that he follows as a mentor, entrepreneur, and charitable donor – human capital, leadership, risk management, governance, and execution. Mr. Wakeman also talks about how business leaders must continue to make charities a priority.

The reasoning for his charitable donation talks is based on his commitment in helping communities get back on their feet after a disaster has struck. Glen worked diligently with the Red Cross in their Puerto Rico efforts after Hurricane Irma and Maria. Not only did he devote time and money to recovery work, but he called on corporate owners to also help. He reminds business owners that only with their support can organizations like the Red Cross continue their missions. Wakeman reminds business leaders that their support at a needed time is vital because when a disaster strikes anywhere in the U.S. and the world, the disastrous results affects everyone, everywhere.


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