Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, and His Story

Glen Wakeman is a writer and is the chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. His style of writing and his blog posts have inspired many people to become business owners, and investors that are self reliant as opposed to being employees who depend on some body else for a salary or wage.

Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings with the intention of helping others take their business ideas and put them in to a plan. This service costs $100. It is a service that will typically last one half of one hour. The idea came up when Glen Wakeman was approached with start up ideas that were great in theory, but the organization of the ideas was not very effective, and so the new start ups failed.

Glen Wakeman has worked in many countries through out his life time. This has allowed him to gain an appreciation for the technical difficulties of doing business across multiple countries legally. He has been to Asia and Africa, and is very familiar with the over all business environments there. He has thousands of followers, especially young followers on LinkedIn, who look for pieces of wisdom from his posts that they can then apply to their own businesses.

Glen Wakeman studied at the University of Scranton. He majored in both Economics and Finance. He had several ideas that would allow him to start businesses that would allow for the application of knowledge that was acquired in school. Gradually, profit is made over time. With a sense of curiosity, Glen Wakemans was able to successfully solve problems for his customers. Once he understood why things worked, Glen Wakeman was able to take that knowledge and transform ideas into actions. Writing that is simple and will inspire others consistently is what separates Glen Wakeman from the competition.


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