Glen Wakeman: Launching Start-up Businesses to Greater Heights

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LCC, this company is appropriately named because what it does is to essentially launch the businesses of start-up businessmen and women and provide them business plans for them to develop on their own and increase their chances of success in the world of business (AffiliateDork).


LaunchPad Holdings LCC develops businesses with proven and yet innovative methodology. Glen Wakeman also does not just help start-up businessmen and women, he also mentors many C-level executives and gives plenty of advice and guidelines to already established businessmen that need the professional opinion of an expert in the area.


Glen Wakeman believes that the more successful people there is, the more opportunities it will create for everyone as wealth is being circulated more and more. Glen Wakeman is so passionate and serious about sharing his business wisdom to everyone that he also frequently blogs about it. Glen Wakeman also often blogs about current global affairs, emerging markets and of course, business transformation. He posts and shares his opinion about the current happenings in the world of business for his readers to react accordingly to changes in the world of business.


Glen Wakeman Got his MBA when he studied and graduated in the University of Chicago, where he learned business development and finances. He further expanded his knowledge when he took up Economics and Finance in the Scranton’s Uni.


After finishing his studies, Glen Wakeman went on to have work and contracts in 32 countries and has lived in six. All these experiences in life with various cultures only served to increase Glen’s business savvy. He also accumulated 21 years in management roles when he worked for GE Capital in the capacity of business development. He was also awarded by Ge Capital’s Board of Directors with the Growth Leadership Role Model award.


Today, Glen Wakeman is among the world’s best investors, executive mentors, public company CEOs, board members, and financial services executives ( The reputation that Wakeman acquired during his years working with other business developers and helping them find their solutions and innovative answers are some of the biggest deeds that represent Wakeman in the industry.

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