Helane Morrison Restores Investor Trust

The 2007-2008 market crash caused many investors to lose faith in the US financial markets. People not only lost their retirement savings, their children’s educational funds but they lost their confidence and trust in the financial system. The 2007-2008 crash also included declining values in real estate. Many homeowner’s mortgages were underwater. They owed more than their homes were worth. Many people lost their homes during this period. Most investors during this time, were afraid to put their money with any financial institution. Most wanted to put their money under their mattress and forget about making any kind of returns on their money.

If you are like me, you want someone that you can trust to give you good advice on where to invest and how to weather the financial storms. Helane Morrison, has set out to help restore investors trust. From her early years in journalism to her years in government service Helane Morrison has steadily worked to improve the trust that investors have in financial institutions. Helane worked for many years with the SEC in the San Francisco area. She worked to help prevent fraud to investors and corporations alike. She worked to expose corrupt auditors at Ernst and Young who were found to be altering and destroying documents. She was also heavily involved in protecting senior citizens from investment fraud. She worked diligently to help end insider trading and illegal stock manipulation.

Recently Helane joined Hall Capital investment company, one of the only investment companies in the United States that is operated by women. Pres. Sarah Stein, chief investment officer, Catherine Hall and managing director and chief compliance officer Morrison make up the trio that runs Hall Capital. As a team they put major emphasis on integrity and what is best for their clients. She is integral to ensuring that each and every investment that is recommended at Hall Capital is a solid and ethical one. As chief compliance officer Helane has established a team to examine all transactions recommended to clients. Every brokerage firm, financial advisor, mutual fund or other outside financial organization that does business with Hall Capital is scrutinized. Helane Morrison, known for her conviction and dedication to ethics, has started on the road to reestablishing individual investor confidence. 

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