Help Jon Urbana Rescue And Adopt Denver Cats Through CrowdRise

Crowdrise, the popular website dedicated to helping people reach goals for their charities, has a new campaign available to donate to. Jon Urbana, the former professional lacrosse player and Denver camp owner has created an account to help rescue and adopt out stray Denver cats.

The charity Urbana is supporting in his Crowdrise campaign is ARAS, a no kill cat shelter in the Denver area. With winter weather already threatening the area, many of the areas homeless cats will be left out in the elements to fend for themselves. ARAS is a longtime advocate against animal cruelty, and wants to help as many of these homeless cats as they can. The nonprofit organization, with the help of Jon Urbana and anyone on Facebook who wishes to donate to the cause, will provide food and shelter to the cats in the Denver area.

Jon Urbana is best known from his days as a Villanova¬†lacrosse player. Upon retirement from professional lacrosse, he cofounded Colorado’s most prominent lacrosse camp. He is also a huge animal lover and has a soft spot for helping as many animals as he can which has led him to create this Crowdrise campaign.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp is well known as an ideal place to send aspiring lacrosse players each year for top notch training and skills they will not get anywhere else. Urbana cofounded the camp and offers his knowledge and skills to the camp and players as well.

Less known for his advocacy for animals, hearing through his Twitter announcement that Jon Urbana created a campaign to help the environment, and then to save homeless cats may be surprising, but he is a long time animal lover and dedicates time and money to helping out wherever he can. Being a Denver native and seeing the abundance of cats with no home in the area, he felt he needed to step in and help. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so, and all proceeds will go to helping this admirable cause.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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