How iFunding is Helping People Invest in Real Estate

Avoiding all the hassle that comes with paying rent is usually a top priority for many people. The real estate sector is one of the most profitable ventures to make owing to the fact that values are always on the rise. iFunding is helping ordinary people to make investments in the sector. This is done basing on a crowd-funding platform, where prospective owners pool their resources together, to enable them purchase property. The New York based firm has interests spread throughout the US. In addition, its operations in Asia are also experiencing fast growth.

The firm is a major player in the property market. It expedites debts and ideal equity fundraising for all types of property ranging from residential units to luxury condominiums. It provides an opportunity for qualified investors to invest in profitable real estate ventures. The minimal investment amount is 5,000 dollars. The company manages the property on the investors’ behalf and takes charge of any deals thereafter. It provides them with market insights about the ventures made. iFunding further outsources multi-project implementation funds. It also makes partnerships with family offices to co-sponsor investment opportunities for its individual members.

He had a pioneering idea about crowd funding to enable people from all walks of life own a piece of real estate. This is what Skelley said on Twitter led him to start iFunding. He wanted to provide an opportunity for investors to take part in seminars over the Internet, monitor any fundraising effort and therefore, make prudent investments. Skelley told interviewers he also envisioned a situation whereby the interests of potential investors could be protected and all campaigns blatantly reported. Skelley incorporated technology to make ventures in the sector simple. Distinct financiers can choose and make uninterrupted investments in pre-approved prime properties. All this is done on the firm’s website.

Prior to the formation of iFunding, shows William worked in major corporations. These include General Electric, Olympus, Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund firm where he was a senior partner. Besides that, he has advised many upstarts on the best ways of raising funds for expansion. His areas of interest are fundraising from credible financers and family offices. He has been invited to many forums, where he speaks about real estate financing. As recognition for his massive contribution to property ownership, William was recently named among the future leaders of the real estate sector. This is an exclusive and prestigious mention, which shows how influential he is in the industry.  iFunding also just landed a huge new employee, as William Skelley named Daniel Drew the new vice president.

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