How InnovaCare Health Is Revolutionizing Managed Healthcare

InnovaCare Health president and CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides helped inspire the renewed drive at the company to take care of the patient by rendering the best service in the industry as a matter of course. Although they have a shared background in managed care Shinto and Kokkinides came to the industry from different directions. Dr. Shinto is an internist and pulmonologist with an MBA. He brings a biological science and business perspective. Penelope Kokkinides has a masters in Social Work and one in Public Health. She brings a social science approach. Together they’ve made a significant impact.

InnovaCare Health provides healthcare services to Medicare patients nationwide through network of doctors and medical facilities. They are a leading provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans. Their goal is to deliver the best healthcare service possible to every patient. The leadership at InnovaCare Health used cost-effective service models with advanced technologies to make that commitment financially viable. The combination of quality service and their experience processing Medicare clients with ease has enabled the company to thrive. InnovaCare Health’s services are both incredible and affordable.

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The staff at InnovaCare Health is committed to nurturing the patient-provider relationship. These men and women are experts in a wide range of fields. Plus they are courteous and professional and always willing to help. They use their knowledge, expertise, resources and network to develop and implement needed clinical programs. InnovaCare Health staff looks for ways to eliminate inefficiencies in the delivery of service and improve the organization’s infrastructure. This enables the company to better manage the health care processes and make sure excellent patient service remains the goal.

Medicare Advantage is a relatively new program for the elderly. Anyone with original Medicare can qualify for it. A growing number of people switch to Medicare Advantage because it provides access to a large network of quality physicians and facilities nationwide. Medicare Advantage is managed healthcare provided through insurance programs like health maintenance organizations (HMO)and preferred provider organizations (PPO). These companies provide the service and are paid by the federal government directly. With original Medicare payments are handled through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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At InnovaCare Health the patient always comes first. And the company’s mission is to provide them with highest quality healthcare possible. InnovaCare Health is revolutionizing healthcare management by offering the best, most innovative care at affordable rates.

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