Incredible Facts about Rocketship Education

According to recent research in the Atlantic, San Jose was a launching pad for the American Dream. That article cites a landmark study that was done by Harvard University along with University of California and was released in 2014. The study found that various children born in the early 1980s in low-income families had an excellent opportunity as in education as those from the socially progressive communities such as Canada and Denmark. However, the low-income families in San Jose are in some tough situations today.

Over the past years, the housing rates have increased, and the regions poor and rich have segregated too. The middle-class job opportunities have also disappeared. Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of various public schools, has been working with other community organizations, educators, and parents towards the creation of an ecosystem of some high-quality public schools. That will out most of the San José’s low-income family children on their path to good colleges. Thanks to the efforts made by the 25 new highly performing chartered schools which are serving such communities.

About Rocketship education charters

Rocketship is a California based charter operator who opened the first elementary school in the year 2007. It gained its national attention with its initial excellent test scores which were characterized by well-blended learning approach. The chain became famous for its mixing of the traditional teaching along with modern teaching techniques such as online and computer-assisted learning approaches. Such procedures have kept all the administrative costs forever low. Nevertheless, the heavy reliance on technology as well as the ability to sustain excellent scores during its expansion has remained matters of controversy.

The D.C Public Charter School Board after that voted to allow the Rocketship to open up several schools in that District. The school in Ward 8 was the first one to be developed. It is situated in the street from Terrace and Woodland. The Rocketship regional manager, Jacque Patterson said that the charter hopes to operate the school like a neighborhood and jot just like any other District charter. The school will be designed to accept an application form any child based in D.C. this will enhance the education levels of all the families within the location and also boost the living standards of the neighborhood.

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