Independent Contractors Looking For Job Stability & Affordable Benefits

It used to be that you graduated school, obtained a job, and worked there until you retired. However, the economic landscape has changed and so have careers. Now the internet has once again changed the career landscape and many people that previously would have worked for a business are now working as independent contractors. The downside is that working for yourself does not offer the same economic stability or safety net. is just one of many companies online that has built a platform that connects professionals to customers. The app is a great way for trade professionals with handyman skills that range from house cleaning to plumbing to furniture assembly find their own jobs. By cutting out the middleman customers pay less, professionals earn more, and professionals have the ability to work flexible hours as they need work. With over 10,000 professionals and a recent $50 million in funding is taking off

However, the one thing that employees of the new gig economy do not have is stability. There are many great work opportunities for those who want to work alone from places such as Uber, Lyft,, Etsy, and more. These days if you have a talent or trade that is marketable you can find a place to work. The contract services just need more security.

In most cases though, these contractors would be happy to offer job security. CEO Oisin stated that they would love to offer more to their professionals. He said that right now the law is black and white and only allows for independent contractor or employee, but they love to be able to offer training, benefits, and education if there was a way to do it without employment reclassification.

He is not alone; there are now two new initiatives being pushed forward to help employees get a safety net if they work alone via contractors called the Good Work Code and a new coalition that is looking for portable benefits. They are both hoping to push the conversation further to talk about how contractors should have access to a safety net that is not only available, but also affordable.

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