Jason Hope’s Faith for the Future

Jason Hope has given to SENS Foundation from 2010 onwards. At that time he gave a $500,000 donation that will go to the construction of a new laboratory in Cambridge. Hope says that SENS’s contribution in the anti-aging matter is not because of the desire to live forever, but it’s about the creation of a better life that is longer with more quality in all aspects.

The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence or SENS in short means the non-existence of signs and indicators of growing old or aging that could be seen in hydras and tortoises. The said species likelihood to die because of getting old does not intensify compared to other plants, animals, humans, etc.

Regrettably, people are more or less comparable to vehicles that tend to wear down the longer they are used. So after some time the natural chemical processes within the body that is needed to continue to exist weaken our system making us very susceptible to diseases. This is the reason why Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and numerous types of cancers are termed as “age-related illnesses.” While studies show that younger people may also be affected by the said ailments, aging or getting old is the primary factor for a majority of health-related issues.

According to a previous statement made by Dr. Aubrey de Grey – the Head of SENS Foundation, the donation made by Jason Hope will purportedly go to the improvement of the AGE breakers, which are remedies that focus on AGE (advanced glycation end products)- the me tabolic waste substances that are deposited in our muscles, tissues and skin as we grow old. It is the root source of the symptoms of aging such as losing the blood vessel’s elasticity, wrinkling of the skin, etc.

Experts and professionals have done researches and studies on AGE using laboratory animals for years. However, the different species used during laboratory tests had different AGE type outcomes. In the course of the research, it has been discovered that glucosepane is the substance that is present in most human AGEs. In light of this, the researchers at SENS are concentrating on means and ways to eliminate glucosepane from the human tissue.

Jason Hope earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at eh Arizona State University and took his Master’s in Business Administration at the W.P. At present he supports startups in businesses, concentrates on philanthropic activities including investing in biotechnology.

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