John Goullet And Diversant Are Experienced And Dedicated To Providing The Best Services

Diversant is a registered Minority Owned Business Enterprise that is privately owned. The company main focus is on IT staffing and support for businesses. The range of Diversant’s services are varied and includes things such as IT staffing improvements, diversity services, direct hiring, and more. The solutions for staffing offered by Diversant are some of the most innovative and unique strategies that express a goal of providing complete customer satisfaction. The company is dedicated to building strong relations with their clients through their consults, ensuring every customer feels like they not only an asset, but a partner.

Technology is changing rapidly in current times, growing at a steady rate. All of this growth makes finding IT professionals with real talent a difficult task. This is where Diversant comes in and helps their customers find exceptional IT experts through their many networks and different sources. All individuals hired through Diversant’s company are sure to meet the highest standards and bring the kind of work ethic required to excel. Throughout the years, Diversant has gained a great deal of experience in IT staffing, which has enabled them to create a model for success in providing the optimum match for each of their clients. The company wants to have long lasting and healthy relationships with their clients and their IT professionals hired through them.

John Goullet, the current Principal at Diversant, is a highly regarded entrepreneur within the industry, and he first got start in IT staffing more than two decades ago.

Over that course of time, he was able to successfully start up several different companies. One such company was Info Technologies, which offered IT staffing services to Fortune 500 companies and was able to build a total worth of over $30 million in just a few years, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. John’s level of knowledge in the industry and his experience working over the decades has given him the tools he needs to lead in the industry, while providing some of the best services and information available.

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