Jon Urbana – Head Of Business Development and Lacrosse Camp Co-Founder

Jon Urbana is the head of business development for Ellipse USA, a biomedical company which creates solutions aimed at the dermatological market. He is also a graduate of Villanova University in 2005, where he was a star Lacrosse player. In 2004, Jon Urbana was named a lacrosse All-American and earned a spot on the CAA All-tournament team. His experience playing lacrosse at the university level molded him into a superior lacrosse coach, where he currently mentors young people looking to play the game at the collegiate level. His partner in the lacrosse camp is Lou Braun, another successful former collegiate player.

Jon Urbana is an avid traveler, and enjoys sharing photography on Twitter of the destinations which he travels to through video. Whenever he sees something interesting, he isn’t afraid to capture the moment and store it in a video. Recently, one video which details his photography can be found on Vimeo.

Seeking to spread the word about his philanthropic efforts supporting animals, Jon has created a video to raise money for the Denver animal shelter. This campaign was intended to raise awareness for the cause of orphaned cats.

Jon was inspired by his lacrosse campers to support the environment, and has created a video in support of EarthForce, which is a nonprofit based in Denver. The nonprofit is raising awareness for clean energy and energy independence.

To show his passion for animals, he has also made a video highlighting what it would be like to live from a different perspective, that of a golden retriever. Although the dog can’t talk, it shows his facial expressions and happiness in living in the world.

Aside from work and lacrosse, Jon Urbana is an active member of the local community. Jon Urbana was certified as a pilot by the FAA. He also supports philanthropic efforts to fundraise for local causes.

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