Jorge Moll: Confirming the Existence of Helper’s High

For so many years, scientists around the world are baffled about a phenomenon known as “helper’s high.” People who are generously giving something to an individual or a group describes this feeling like something that is heartwarming, light, and pleasurable. People thought that this is only a natural reaction whenever they do something good, and for so many years, people have attributed it to religious reasons. There was even a saying formulated explaining the phenomenon, which reads as “to give is better than to receive,” and those who have read the ancient passage believes that it all pertains to the “helper’s high” phenomenon. But what is the “helper’s high” phenomenon? Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

In 2006, a group of neuroscientists led by Jorge Moll decided to learn more about the topic, and he invited Jordan Grafman, a fellow neuroscientist, to conduct a study. According to Jorge Moll, he was also experiencing the phenomenon whenever he gives something to charity, and he wanted to understand why it happens, with the use of science and rational thinking. He prepared that brain scanner that will be used for the experiment and invited a group of individuals who will be undergoing several tests, including their brains being scanned by the equipment. When the day of the experiment came, the volunteers were collected in a single room which is empty, and Jorge Moll started speaking with them. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

He explained the reason why he is experimenting, and along with his colleagues, they began showing how the experiment would take place. He requested the volunteers to close their eyes and imagine two scenarios that would depict them giving something to an individual, and another one that would show them keeping the item for themselves. After the volunteers have formulated the thought that they were asked to do, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman went to their computer screens, and they were shocked by the result. Jordan Grafman and Jorge Moll confirmed the existence of a small area in the brain that is responsible for the helper’s high phenomenon. Jorge Moll thanked those who volunteered for the experiment and stated that he and Jordan Grafman would have to look into the results further.


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