Kyle Bass Helps No One With Their Investments

Kyle Bass has been at the front of the line to appear on TV and talk about investing ever since he predicted the fall of US loans. The problem now is that he has not been right about anything since. He wants to make sure that he can get as much airtime as he can get, but he does not fill up any of that airtime with things that help people. He has become a talking head that thinks of the most inflammatory thing to say, and he just goes with that so that he can have something to say. He gets good ratings, but he gives terrible advice.

Kyle Bass has been called a desperate gambler because he is so wild about his work. He does not even look after his hedge fund, and he does not even notice that it is falling apart. Everyone can see how he is neglecting his work, and they know that he is not giving sound advice. The worst part of Kyle Bass is that a lot of people will listen to him without doing any research. They will assume that they do not have to think any more, and then they will lose all their money on schemes that would only work for very rich people like Kyle Bass.

He has told people to fight drug companies on their patents, and he has said that whole economies would fall apart when they clearly would not. The worst part of this is that when people listen to him they will find him changing his tune in a couple months. He has changed his mind so much that no one can rely on anything he says, and then people who invest based on what he says will lose money only to hear him change his mind after. That is a way for a lot of people to lose money fast, and they will not be able to recover because they are not wealthy like Kyle Bass. It would make more sense for everyone to just avoid him at all costs so that they can stay solvent.

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