Lifeline Screening Services Help Consumers Take A Proactive Approach To Their Health

Lifeline Screening offers preventative health screenings to individuals who want assurance that they do not have any potential health issues that could become serious. While the majority of patients feel at ease with normal results, a small percentage of asymptomatic individuals have found a serious problem before any symptoms appeared.

Proactive individuals can have a risk assessment done for six major diseases, including stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung cancer. Using the patients answers to health questions and the results of their finger-stick blood test, a computer program predicts the person’s five year risk of contracting one of the six diseases, allowing them time to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk factor.

By visiting various communities around the nation, Lifeline Screening is able to offer convenient, local testing services at senior centers, churches and health fairs. They do heart disease screenings, high cholesterol screenings, carotid artery disease screenings and more, including assisting patients with selecting the best screening package based on their age and risk factors.

Since consumers are free to have the affordable screenings without a prescription, the results go directly to them, after a board-certified physician’s review of the results. Lifeline Screening encourages customers to share their results with their regular physician.

Testimonials from Lifeline Screening customers praise the service, several mention discovering carotid artery blockages that they were unaware of before getting the screening. After receiving an alert from Lifeline Screening to take the results to their physician, they were able to get the care that they needed.

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