Lime Crime Lipsticks a Hit

In a recent article for Hollywood Life, Lime Crime lipsticks were featured as a favorite makeup look for Kylie Jenner. In particular, the famous fashion and beauty guru was especially taken with the Velvetine matte lipsticks available from Lime Crime. The article features pictures of Jenner rocking the beautiful matte shade from Lime Crime, which has received rave reviews from women who love the bold color and silky application and feel.

According to their Facebook, Lime Crime cosmetics was launched in 2008 by fashion and beauty guru Doe Deere, who refers to herself as the Queen of Unicorns. The inspiration for Lime Crime’s bold and fun makeup options came from Deere herself. Before Lime Crime was established, Deere studied fashion design at FIT. She took her love of fashion and creativity and began designing, making and selling all types of clothing options online. As Deere progressed with her clothing line, she found that fun, inspired makeup to match her love of bright colors and busy patterns were hard to come by. So Deere took matters into her own hands and began creating her own makeup options. That is how the incredibly successful Lime Crime makeup line was born, and they’ve been racking up Twitter followers ever since.

Lime Crime has always been an animal cruelty-free cosmetic company, which Deere says will never change, and adds to their UrbanOuftitters popularity. Deere has been able to remain true to her convictions and follow her passion while creating this amazingly successful makeup company. Through the makeup offered by Lime Crime, Deere hopes that women everywhere will embrace their authentic selves and enjoy expressing themselves everyday through the fun of makeup. Deere views makeup as an extension of her clothing and is widely consulted as a beauty and fashion inspiration. Her signature looks are a constant presence on social media, and Deere says she loves serving as an example to others of how to truly have fun with getting dressed everyday. She encourages women to break traditional beauty and fashion rules and wear the types of colors and shades that make them feel most fabulous, rather than trying to cover up any perceived flaws with neutral makeup. Lime Crime cosmetics are available online through retailers like Amazon.

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