Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise on a humanitarian mission. The brand aims to build an enticing experience to audiences all over the world. To do this, Lovaganza will incorporate the culture and history of communities worldwide in their films. Lovaganza was founded in 2012 by Jean-François Gagnon. It is consists of two entities, Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and The Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation will be launched in 2018. It will ride on the visibility of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to support humanitarian initiatives all over the world.

The Lovaganza project is an ambitious and long-term endeavor. It has a plan that runs up to 2040. This grand plan will consist of four major events, Lovaganza 2020 for Unity, Lovaganza 2025 for Peace, Lovaganza 2030 for Abundance, and finally, Lovaganza 2040 BETA WORLD. By the time of the Lovaganza 2040 celebrations, the group aims to have created a new chapter in the history of entertainment.

The Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are much anticipated. The organizers have not disappointed as the preparations are underway. Initially, the celebrations were to happen in 2015. They were pushed to 2020 so that the group could have enough time to incorporate immerging technologies. One such technology is Immerscope. The technology has become part of Lovaganza’s identity. It makes Lovaganza stand out from the rest. Immerscope combines the past and the future. It gives the audience a typical Cinerama feel through an immersive experience.

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Dates for the 2020 celebrations have already been announced. The event will run from May to September 2020. By using films and live events, the festivities will showcase all cultures of the world. Lovaganza 2020 will occur in simultaneously in flagship locations in all continents. Filming has already started in France, Spain, South Africa, India and the United States. One of the films that will feature in the celebrations is “The Marvelous 12.” The animated film will give a story about Lovaganza films. It will also show in leading cinemas worldwide.

Lovaganza began recording the music track for “The Marvelous 12” in November 2016. The recording location of the film confirms that Lovaganza is committed to making the 2020 celebration a historical event. The film will be recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios. This is one of the most esteemed recording studios in the world. The film’s lineup is also fascinating. It will feature notable people such as Chris Elliot, Geoff Alexander, and Simon Rhodes. Chris Elliot is the arranger behind Adele’s award-winning 19 and 21 records. Geoff’s background includes the Harry Porter film while Simon has worked on films such as Avatar.

Luckily, we will not have to wait until 2020 to ‘’immerse” ourselves into “The Marvelous 12.” The film will feature in Lovaganza’s Traveling Show in 2017. The aim of the Traveling Show is to popularize in the 2020 celebrations. It will also be a chance for Lovaganza to introduce the glass-free 3D immersive experience to the world.

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