Malcolm CasSelle Pursues Goal to Make Cryptocurrency Mainstream

President and CEO of (WAX) World Asset Exchange Malcolm CasSelle pursue ambitious goals to create a platform that will make cryptocurrency a mainstream form of virtual asset exchange and revolution and decentralize blockchain technology. Malcolm CasSelle has worked tirelessly to construct the infrastructural technology and software needed to create avenues for virtual assets to transfer over the blockchain and establish easy user-friendly conceptual ideas to foster the new innovative technology.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he developed a high-level insight and perspective on information technology with his degree in computer science. Furthermore, he continued his educational foundation by obtaining his graduate degree in computer science from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle has served in leadership roles at Facebook Groupon and various other high-profile organizations that are catapulting the information technology arena into exceptional realms of advancement. Malcolm CasSelle has to continue to expand the blockchain technology with the use of online asset transfer platforms that stabilize and create easy user-friendly approaches to transferring assets over continental and regional barriers without the restrictions that appear in the central banking institutions platforms.


The WAX tokens that were developed at OPSkins another company that Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Investment Officer continues to advance the technology and software platforms utilized to create advanced approaches to online asset transfers. WAX tokens a cutting edge technological innovation utilized to create values for various cryptocurrency assets and stabilize the value of Forex and other currency-related valuing analyses. WAX tokens create opportunities for investors in various countries and geographical locations to establish consistent and reliable shared value within the gaming and asset transfer platforms to buy, sell, trade and establish a consistent form of value and wealth transfer. In fact, WAX is allowing the mainstream to see the value and simplicity of investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and establish opportunities for them to leverage their ability to transfer assets. Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the approach and process for transferring cryptocurrencies and creating avenues for this technology to become mainstream and a regular form of asset transfer for the general public.


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