Martin Lustgarten’s Investor Profile

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker and a personal investor guide who knows just about all there is to know in the world of finance. He’s the head of a prominent investment bank in Miami, FL where most of his work consists of advising corporate clients. His bank facilitates many corporate transactions regarding mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, corporate restructuring and liquidation. He also is an advocate for investing in international funds and foreign exchange securities because there are many foreign markets that he knows, and he advises investors to diversify their portfolios through these investments. Lustgarten is a dual citizen of both Austria and Venezuela, and when he isn’t busy at the bank he collects expensive jewelry and watches.

Martin Lustgarten has followed some of the tips from famous investors who have come before him to get where he is today, including Warren Buffet. Lustgarten especially took note of Buffet’s controversial phrase to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful and explains it in his own words. For Lustgarten, sometimes when stock prices appear to be doing so well that you feel you just have to jump in and buy them, he warns that’s the time you should be cautious and not be too eager. Sometimes it’s better to wait till the values are lower and purchase stocks that are damaged but could see a recovery in the future.

As with all other investment experts, Lustgarten advises investors to be patient and look at investing for long-term gain. It’s easy to think that you can make money overnight if you find stocks or bonds that are soaring and want to buy and sell them quickly, but if you’re not careful with your stock purchases and only use them over the short run you could be missing out on bigger opportunities. Instead of gambling with stock trades over the short term, you should be looking at how you can invest in a way that saves money over the long haul. Foreign markets can sometimes be a little more volatile than the NYSE, but doing your research on international investing is the key to making sound decisions in the foreign markets.

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