North American Spine Doctors Are Using A Tiny Laser To Treat Back Pain Issues

Back pain is one of the main reasons people miss work. Most back issues are not serious, but they can be debilitating if they are not treated quickly and effectively. Low back pain is usually associated with a bulging disc, a spinal cord injury, or lower back muscles. Upper back pain can be a sign of aorta problems, a tumor, or inflammation of the spine. All of these back problems can change a person’s way of life. Surgery to correct some of these issues can be painful, expensive, and at times the surgery doesn’t cure the issue. 

Doctors at the North American Spine have developed a new procedure that is effective, minimally invasive, and saves patients thousands of dollars. The procedure is called AccuraScope. The AccuraScope is actually a tiny laser. The laser is smaller than the tip of a pen, and it only impacts the tissue that is causing the pain. This tiny laser treatment works best on patients that have back pain due to tissue problems, not bone issues. 

The reviews of North American Spine show that doctors start the procedure by making a tiny incision, and then use a small camera to identify, and then treat the bulging tissue. Most patients walk out of the North American Spine Clinic the same day.The good news is, the back pain is gone immediately after the procedure is done. Patients usually return to work within seven days. The AccuraScope treatment is an effective surgical solution for chronic back pain sufferers. 

The North American Spine Clinic has treated over 8,000 patients, and 82% of those patients are back pain-free. North American Spine™ is the only medical clinic that offers the AccuraScope® procedure. Some patients say choosing the laser treatment surgery over the standard medical surgery was the best decision they ever made. The doctors at the North American Spine Clinic specialize in neurosurgery, orthopedic spine surgery and interventional pain management. 

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