Omar Boraie Works with Johnson and Johnson

Recently, the New Jersey State Senate held a celebration in honor of Omar Boraie. They presented him with a plaque and a certificate honoring him for all the work he has done to revive the city of New Brunswick. During that time, they thanked him for his determination and his diligence and turning around this now great city.

Sam Boraie gained the passion for helping the city of New Brunswick during his time in Europe. He was touring the continent and seeing the various great cities that were there. During his time there, he was struck with inspiration. He saw that these cities required four different principles in order to thrive. The first principle was they had a strong family atmosphere. The second principle was they had stable and growing jobs. The third principle was they were united with the power players of the city. The fourth principle was then a strong and growing middle class.

Omar Boraie set to work immediately in order to make the area a better atmosphere to raise a family. Omar Boraie thought the best way to conduct this was to go through the local churches and nonprofit organizations. He reached out to them with an offer they couldn’t refuse. He offered to give them the money necessary if they would plan, host, and running events that introduced families to one another.

Omar Boraie also set to work at creating a more stable job economy. The first thing he needed to do was convince Johnson and Johnson to stay. Johnson & Johnson was the largest employer in the area of New Brunswick and the city needed them. Omar Boraie was able to work with than and the City Council to give them the tax breaks needed to open up additional factories to employ more workers. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie also took the time necessary to build an alliance of the most powerful people in the city. This alliance United the visions of their various enterprises to include the growth of New Brunswick. This meant that every time one of their organizations grew, the city of New Brunswick grew with it. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Omar Boraie finished resurrecting the city of New Brunswick by bringing back the middle class. He did this by focusing on their two most pressing needs, a family atmosphere and an affordable place to start their practices. By offering cheap real estate, he brought them back.

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