Outlook On Skout

Skout is an iOS app that is becoming very popular in our modern day world. Sometimes our lives can interfere with being able to easily meet new people and/or form new relationships. Skout is great for individuals who are looking to make a friend or explore the dating scene.

Skout is a highly recommended dating/friend finding app. It is designed to help individuals to meet new faces,develop friendships,and exhange photos. When signing in you can either use a Facebook account or email account to get connected with the positive experience this friendly app has to offer. Once signed in then basic information can be filled out on an individuals profile.

The main screen of Skout shows numerous individuals in a grid format. These individuals are currently online. When you tap an individual you will be able to view his or her profile. Recent posts of the tapped individual will also appear and points the individual currently has. Just by tapping on an individual numerous information can be viewed. Feeling like you want to connect you can “wink” at the individual, simply start chatting, add the person to your own favorite list, send a gift virtually, and/or be notified when they come online. Also, you are able to leave comments on the individuals current posts that appear when his or her image is clicked on the grid format. You can always block or report the individual as well.

To the left of the screen Skout offers other ways to expand learning more information about individuals connected to this app. One option this amazing app has to offer is “Buzz.” “Buzz” shows a feed of numerous local individuals,acquaintances, and favorites. “Look At Me” is a game where individuals can bid the points him or her have to try to obtain greater recognition amongst those using the app. “Shake to Chat” allows you to have a conversation with a random selected individual and after 40 seconds profiles are revealed. Overall, Skout is a quality made app that has provided great use for individuals forming an online connection.


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