Jennifer Walden Named To Harper’s Bazaar Best Surgeons List

Jennifer Walden has been named to the Harper’s Bazaar list of the country’s best surgeons, and she has moved back to Texas all in one fell swoop. She is an amazing woman who focuses on helping women look beautiful, and the practice is quite a place to visit when women are searching for ways to keep their bodies healthy. A woman who wishes to make changes to her body today must ensure that she has consulted with Jennifer, and this article explains how women feel better once leaving Jennifer’s office.

#1: Jennifer Is One Of The Best Surgeons In The World

She has been given quite a lot of good press from institutes around the world including Harper’s Bazaar, Austin MD Magazine and She is a trained surgeon who prefers to learn as many designer surgeries as possible, and she offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to her patients. Surgeries vary quite a lot when Jennifer consults her patients, and each patient receives a score of choices for their needs.

#2: Jennifer Came Home To Feel Closer To Family

Jennifer Walden marked her commitment to family by bringing her practice back to Texas, and she proved that a woman can have it all. She is one of the most successful surgeons in the world, and she has a family that lives near family in Austin. She has a thriving practice with hundreds of women visiting her every week, and she still has time to expand her professional knowledge.

#3: Women Are Given Infinite Opportunities To Look Their Best

Every woman who visits Jennifer in the office may learn of several different procedures they need, and Jennifer helps women develop a schedule for surgical care if necessary. Jennifer keeps privileges at local hospitals, and she may do quite a few surgeries on behalf of her patients at each hospital.

The practice of Jennifer Walden is a safe place for women who are searching for their inner diva. Jennifer provides women with a judgement-free place to change their bodies, and her skill set will address every woman’s surgical requests.


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Securus Technologies’ CEO Livid About GTL’s Bad Misdeeds

Embarrassing Global Tel-Link, commonly known as GTL, by issuing press releases showing GTL’s misdeeds in the past will help the correctional communications industry according to Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith. Both companies provide telephone service to inmates, however, the Louisiana Public Service Commission found GTL was overcharging people who used the company’s service by double billing and setting phones to charge a higher rate than what was permitted. These wrongdoings occurred 18 years ago, but Smith says GTL is still not an ethical, transparent company and they are hurting the industry’s image.

I do not feel bad for GTL since there are many low-income families who forgo buying things that they need in order to purchase pre-paid telephone time for an incarcerated family member. Ripping these people off is shameful and I can see why Securus Technologies‘ CEO was livid. It’s not like families have a choice of inmate telephone providers, therefore, families, as consumers, deserve protection from predatory companies.

Securus Technologies recently acquired JPay, a company that furnishes tablets to inmates for email, educational opportunities, shopping and more. According to Securus’ press release through PR Newswire, the company will offer digitized payments, an inmate cloud and more to its existing suite of services.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Brian Bonar Is Honored With Highest Community Award

Today, Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer at the Dalrada Financial Corporation as well as board chairman. In 2010, he managed to take home the executive of the year award from Cambridge’s prestigious Who’s Who program.

This award is only given out to 4 individuals each year, each of which are exceptional business leaders in different fields.

The committee at Cambridge goes through a process to determine which candidate are most worthy and deserving of the award based on a specific set of criteria. This criteria includes the individuals past accomplishments in their career, academic background, and leader capabilities. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian Bonar personally has decades of experience working in the industry for professional management and finances. A large portion of his career has been spent working as the director for Dalrada Financial, which is a position he landing due to his expertise and extensive knowledge in the industry. At Dalrada, Brian is in charge of employee recruitment as well as benefits.

The company supplies marketing companies with services and programs that are then distributed to clients that are in need of improving their business’s overall efficiency. Read more: Brian Bonar –

When clients are able to spend more of their time on other aspects of business, while Dalrada Financial focuses on finance management, risk management, and employee benefits and liabilities. This greatly improves business productivity.

Brian has a strong academic background, which is indicated by his winning of the award. He earned his bachelor’s in engineering at the James Watt Technical College and his Ph.D from Stafford University in business. He is also a long time member of the America Finance Association.

Brian Bonar worked at a host of other companies before landing his position at Dlarada Financial, such as IBM, where he held the position of procurement manager for 17 years. He also worked at QMS as the Director of Engineering, where he was in charge of supervising hundreds of employees.

After working at Adaptec, Brian Bonar gained inspiration tos tart up his own company and create the first SCSI Printer, which he did at Bezier Systems, a company that manufactured and distributed laser printers.

He is also active in his community as well, making sure to take part in community projects like the Lions Club and the Boys and Girls Club.

Search Cleanup Helps to Rebound from Negative Reviews

Building a business takes a great deal of work, and the internet has made it difficult for companies to maintain the reputation they want. The exchange of information on the internet is so quick that even a false negative review can hurt a business badly and take a long time to rebound from if not handled properly.

Even if you go above and beyond for your customers, there are still times when you will face people who post negative information about your business. It is just the way business is. Don’t let this distraction take away from the good work you are doing. Make sure you have a plan in place on how to respond.

The most important thing to remember is not to respond in a negative way. It is easy to sling mud when people attack what you built. Silence is not the answer, but you need to take the high road. Don’t let naysayers detract you from your goal, which is to keep your loyal customers and build your customer base. Assure your customers that it is business as usual. Also, it is best to offer extra value, services, or products at this time. It helps to reassure your customers.

This battle doesn’t have to be fought alone. Make sure you reach out to other colleagues and to online reputation firms. These firms have grown in popularity. You need to know what information is out there about your company and sites like can help. Search cleanup can help to remove bad search results to make sure your company is posted in the best light possible. Don’t let these haters distract you from why you started this business in the first place. Find on Twitter and other social media to find out more.

The George Soros and Glenn Beck Story that is Sweeping the Nation

If you understand who George Soros Ukraine and Glenn Beck are, then you already know the two are powerful magnets in the political realm. It is their polarizing nature and very blunt opinions that have attracted them both many followers as well as many who simply cannot stand them. However, the news that is sweeping the nation about the two is something new altogether. The stories about George Soros being an anti-Semite were put out there by Glenn Beck (and company), and now it is time to get to the bottom of exactly what sort of false propaganda Beck is trying to spread now.

According to the New Yorker, George Soros is nothing more than someone who has been against the Jewish people his entire life. Despite the fact that those who know George Soros understand this is a completely fabricated lie and an almost laughable offense, you have to at least boil it down to the roots to see how uninformed this piece of information truly is. George Soros has had a political agenda but his entire position has always been one that is based upon helping people and helping large groups of people in general. To say that Soros is against a certain number of people already sounds slightly off base.

When you continue to move forward with the articles, you realize that not only does Soros have a background where he himself was oppressed by Nazis, but even after he emigrated into the western world he continued to aid those in the east to expel communism and allow people to fight for freedom. He was always on the side of David and it was his wealth that helped to beat back the Goliath that was the Soviet bloc.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

Finally, without getting into significantly more detail, it is imperative to be aware of the fact that Glenn Beck picks and chooses his facts and is able to slant them in a way that they sound bad when they are actually good. For example, the portion from Beck stating how Soros has been apart of multiple revolutions against the government in the past would be a rather scary issue, except for the fact that the very revolutions he listed were all done to revolt against communist or post-communist dictators and regimes.

The point of this is not to say that George Soros is perfect and without blame while Glenn Beck is a problem for all of America and even the world. The point is, however, to try and lay truth next to some false and irresponsible accusations while also bringing the light of justice to the people.

If Glenn Beck is able to simply connect false dots and inject deception into the minds of his audience without being held accountable as real news reporters are, then the good people like George Soros who continue to try and make the world a better place may just stop trying as hard as they do. It is time to keep Glenn Beck and the other fear mongers accountable and shut them up once and for all.

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Reasons to Use the Skout App

Among all the social apps to choose from, the new Skout app has been rated as one of the best social apps in the world. Skout is specifically an iOS app that can be downloaded by any user through an App Store. Skout has been around ever since 2007 and has since then gained hundreds of millions of users from around the world. Skout is displayed through Facebook and is a way to connect with new people. This mobile-social network is both fun to use as well as safe to use. Every single user of this site must be verified and must have a profile image as well as information written down. This not only gives gives users a quick glimpse of each person on the site, but also enables the creators of Skout to match people up more effectively among those with similar likes and dislikes.

Skout, unlike Facebook, is an app that was specifically designed to help people meet new people from around the world and who come from different backgrounds. Everyone who uses this app has a customized experience and can learn to use the multiple features offered with this app. One of the most popular features is the “wink” feature which allows for users to open up a chat with people who are shown on the main page of the site. When clicking on a person from the main page, users can look at each profile as well as the information that is provided. From there, a discussion can form about similar interests.

Another feature that is offered by Skout is the “shake” feature. The shake feature is beloved by all users and can be played like a game. All one has to do is to use this feature which will match two people up randomly. Each person is given an allotted amount of time to view each profile as well as the information provided. Each random user can either choose to chat or to use the shake feature again if not satisfied. This app can be used for many purposes whether it be to find a new romance, friendship, etc.

In recent news, Skout has gone even further in the social world and has conducted a survey to find out what college towns are the friendliest towns in the United States. This survey consisted of over 2,500 people who range from the age of 18 to 24. All of these participants were able to give valid feedback of their college to help Skout analyze which town was truly the friendliest. Skout conducted this survey to help high school students or any other individual who is looking at a higher level education to have a fun experience.

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Kyle Bass Helps No One With Their Investments

Kyle Bass has been at the front of the line to appear on TV and talk about investing ever since he predicted the fall of US loans. The problem now is that he has not been right about anything since. He wants to make sure that he can get as much airtime as he can get, but he does not fill up any of that airtime with things that help people. He has become a talking head that thinks of the most inflammatory thing to say, and he just goes with that so that he can have something to say. He gets good ratings, but he gives terrible advice.

Kyle Bass has been called a desperate gambler because he is so wild about his work. He does not even look after his hedge fund, and he does not even notice that it is falling apart. Everyone can see how he is neglecting his work, and they know that he is not giving sound advice. The worst part of Kyle Bass is that a lot of people will listen to him without doing any research. They will assume that they do not have to think any more, and then they will lose all their money on schemes that would only work for very rich people like Kyle Bass.

He has told people to fight drug companies on their patents, and he has said that whole economies would fall apart when they clearly would not. The worst part of this is that when people listen to him they will find him changing his tune in a couple months. He has changed his mind so much that no one can rely on anything he says, and then people who invest based on what he says will lose money only to hear him change his mind after. That is a way for a lot of people to lose money fast, and they will not be able to recover because they are not wealthy like Kyle Bass. It would make more sense for everyone to just avoid him at all costs so that they can stay solvent.

George Soros: The Return of the Well-Known Investor

George Soros is a prominent investor who was born in Budapest, Hungary back in 1930. He’s also an active philanthropist who established Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations (OSF) is an organization that offers monetary assistance to civil societies located all around the globe. Open Society Foundations strives to make improvements to independent media, public health and fairness, among other things.

Soros hasn’t been directly involved in trading for quite some time now. Lately, however, he’s been at the helm of a number of significant investments. Soros Fund Management handles approximately $30 billion on behalf of the wealthy investor’s family. The management firm purchased gold mining shares and gold. The firm also sold some stocks. All of this occurred in the middle of a rather dismal economic perspective for the planet. This all occurred in the middle of possible dramatic changes in the market as well.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros responded to interview questions by the Wall Street Journal, a popular daily newspaper that is headquartered in New York, New York. The Wall Street Journal is a well-known publication that concentrates on business and financial subjects. During the interview, George Soros discussed worries regarding capital flight originating in China. He also talked about how the political environment in the vast nation’s mainland could potentially interfere with permanent changes. Soros comments also made it sound like he had fears of a possible breakdown of the European Union. Contributing factors to his worries included the problems in Greece, mounting migration troubles and the chances of the United Kingdom leaving the union for good.

Soros is an investment professional who is known for hedge funds. Although he was born in Central Europe in Hungary, he moved to the United Kingdom in 1947. He then relocated across the pond to New York in 1956. He created Soros Fund Management in 1970.

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Solo Capital Founder Supports Autism Research With Charity

Solo Capital is a global financial services company that was launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2011. The company was founded by British businessman Sanjay Shah and offers trading, investment and consulting services to businesses around the world. Solo Capital has world class expertise in the area of athletic management including advisement, representation, performance management and asset management. The company also offers its clients its expertise in investment consulting, performance consulting and human capital consulting. Shah, the son of immigrants who moved from East Africa to the United Kingdom, founded the company after a career in the financial services industry.

As a college student Shah studied medicine and eventually gave up his medical pursuits to launch a career in accounting instead. Shah would go on to work in the investment industry for a slew of investment banks like Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. As the global financial crisis reached the financial services industry in the United Kingdom, Shah found himself without a job. Rather than look for another position Shah would go on to found the company we know as Solo Capital. According to Global Citizen Magazine Shah would go on to become incredibly wealthy through Solo Capital’s success and would decide to shift his focus from managing his boutique financial service company to pursuing philanthropic initiatives in the area of child development.

Because Shah is virtually retired from Solo Capital he is reportedly now spending his time working on supporting organizations that are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with autism. Shah was inspired to lend his support to autism-oriented non-profit organizations after learning that his young son was suffering from the disorder. After learning that his son had the disorder Shah looked to an autism-oriented healthcare facility in the United Arab Emirates to provide the developmental therapy his son needed. He ended up needing to finance his son’s healthcare independently as the facility was not able to serve his son due to having an extensive years-long wait list. Shah donated resources to the facility and began looking for ways that he could raise large amounts of money to benefit the cause of autism. Shah had a background in music after working as a disk jockey during his years in university. He decided to leverage his experience as a promoter with his passion for creating a better quality of life for people living with autism. Shah decided to develop an initiative that spoke to both of these interests by launching an organization called Autism Rocks. Shah’s charity Autism Rocks raises money for autism research by organizing concerts whose proceeds go towards researching the developmental disorder. Autism Rocks has raised money for autism by throwing concerts featuring celebrities like Prince, Drake and Lenny Kravitz.


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Police Force at San Francisco should be scrutinized declares Gascon, DA

Law and order at San Francisco are facing a lot of criticism from the involved parties. It has been evidence how verbal punches have been thrown from one corner to the other when a given issue is raised by the District Attorney. Monotony and power are the primary cause of the evidenced wrangles at the law enforcing office.
Gascon is the DA of the San Francisco state, and he has been involved in various confrontations from his former and current fellow law enforcers. He has the heart of being involved in maintaining and bringing law and order, but he is always not welcomed by his previous activities when he was in the same positions. He recently filed a felony that involved three former police officers and one current deputy of being involved in making prisoners fight in one of the prisons in the state.
George Gascon was once a chief at the Police Officers associations, but he is currently revealing the obstructions that went on at the institution. He has cited incidents of racism, biases, gender imbalance and sexual orientations in the force. The allegations have been not positively absorbed by the rest of strength analyzing officers since they feel that he is isn’t speaking the truth about what is going on.
Criticizers such as Martin Halloran, the current president of POA responded to the reforms that Gascon brought forward as not being of right motives. He states that the DA may be looking for other reasons so that he can enter the political scene of the country. He also indicated that he may be looking for an opportunity to seek for positions in other offices in the future. With such utterances, it puts the DA into a tight corner to perform his duties.
Gascon recently appointed a committee to investigate the issue in reaction to racism and biases in the police force an issue that was not positively absorbed by the rest of the law enforcers. They lashed at him portraying him as the traitor and a pretender who is always having other motives that are beyond his reach.


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