Co-Founder of Madison Street Capital Among Honorees Recognized by NACVA


The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has released a list of 40 Under Forty individuals who have played significant role in financial forensics, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, M&A as well as business valuation. Madison Street Capital’s co-founder Anthony Marsala was among the honorees that were recognized for their extraordinary achievements in different sectors in the financial industry. The judges were amazed with the quality and talents the young individuals had, and it was a challenge for them to make the right decision since all candidates has potential and ability.
NACVA and Consultants’ Training Institute were established on a platform of superior quality and excellent services across different sectors of financial and consulting professions. The recognition program was designed in order to develop the next generation tycoons and also recognize their contribution to the industry and the communities. According to Brien K. Jones, the COO for NACVA, they want to get the best candidates that will be industry’s leaders and experts. The co- founder of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala is also the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. The senior staff of NACVA and CTI selected the honorees from a list of about 125 candidates that have made extraordinary moves in certain fields like business valuation.
According to the recap released by Chicago Tribune and found on the recognized entrepreneurs will feature in several press releases like NACVA Association News and also through other distributors throughout 2015.
Anthony Marsala as the COO of Madison Street Capital is very instrumental in leading and supervising the firm’s operations in the global market. In addition, he is in charge of due diligence and expert teams that are responsible for valuation work as well as mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Marsala is an expert in M&A, corporate finance and business valuation. For over 13 years, Anthony Marsala has performed and analyzed numerous valuations as well as transactional engagements covering different sectors and businesses. He has been focusing on early stage entities and middle market firms. Marsala has worked on engagements in the technology, wholesale, medical devices, staffing sectors and many others.
Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm operating in the global platform which is committed to excellence service delivery to its clients. The firm offers financial advisory services, valuation services and financial opinions just to name a few. Madison Street Capital focuses more on emerging markets since they are vital in driving the global growth of their clients.

The Charming World Of Lime Crime Makeup

Makeup can and should be fun. People want to have makeup that will allow them to assume an entirely new look that is not part of their ordinary and everyday life. The chance to experiment with makeup can be one that allows someone to let out all facets of their personality and show off what they think and feel to others. The chance to locate makeup that will allow to figure out what kind of shades might help them show off their own flair for art or their desire to use colors that are not always seen on makeup can be one that many people find delightful.

An online makeup company called Lime Crime knows exactly how to help people locate makeup of this kind. They know that people have found that sometimes they want to switch out their daily reliance on certain shades of makeup colors and look for colors that instead a bit more vibrant and based on the use of colors that are often created from inspirations of all kinds. Lime Crime offers their customers charming colors of makeup that are often created personally by the site’s owner Doe Deere. Deere has a long history of involvement in the fashion world and an understanding of the needs of today’s customers. They will find that her leadership has allowed the company to be able to offer their customers special looks and colors that are not available on other sites.

She and her band of devoted company staffers can also help people figure out what kind of makeup might be right for any customer’s needs. They will also help them figure out the kind of makeup that might be of use for a specific kind of circumstances such as someone who is going out for a costume party where they are expected to assume a specific character and role. Someone might want to find the kind of colors that will let them create a costume that is different and interesting such as that of a specific anime characters from their favorite Japanese role playing game. The right kind of makeup can help them feel exactly like the character they have in mind and want to assume while they are attending the party.

This can help someone have fun with makeup and assume fabulous a look that may allow them to express a part of their personality that they may not have shown to others before this time. The use of makeup in this way can be a great way for someone to become more confident in life and for them to realize that they have tools at their disposal that lets them show off who they are with just a bit of color applied in the right places. Lime Crime staffers on facebook are the ideal people to help the person figure out where and when they should use such makeup as well as how to apply it easily at home without any kind of problem when they are wearing it.

Importance of Improved Technology in Businesses

Over the years, there has been tremendous improvement in technology across all industries. Technology experts have developed software and applications that have capacity to promote high level efficiency so as to deliver improved products and services that are used daily by individuals. Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology executive who has been at the center of developing major software that are used today across major sectors today. Kheradpir has worked in this industry for more than 20 years working for various organizations at high ranking positions. Since he was collage in the 1980s, there has been tremendous improvement in computer networking, storage and communications. This was attained due to invention of new technology that has been improving over the years.

In several instances, technology facilitates operations of a business. Technology is a vital element of a business from customer service, accounting, product design and subsequent development. Indeed, this rapid growth in technology development that has been experienced over the past few decades. This development has provided more efficient and powerful production as well as reduced expenses for companies. Technology normally helps small entities to look bigger and ahead of others in the market. Technology is enhanced by hardware like desktops, laptops, servers, projectors, digital cameras among others that keep an entity operating daily.

Software used by businesses entails operating systems used in computers, accounting packages and processing units. Several divisions or departments in an organization will be connected through internet. Small entities have applied internet in their operations and they have attained maximum production from it. They use internet to advertise, market their product and services, sell, reach new clients and provide information to general public. In fact, as a result of technology, a lot of operations in companies have been automated and are handled using specialized technology tools.

When technology is applied perfectly in entities, it helps them stay ahead of other competitors in the market. They are able to improve communications, make staffs more efficient in their work and tap into effective marketing opportunities. Using business tools like email, accounting software and smart phones can take some burden from investors and allow them maximize effectively on their time. The next generation of employees will be accustomed to technology in almost everything they will be doing. All entities should approach and adopt technology in a positive way in order to keep up with these advancements.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology expert who has a PhD in electrical engineering from Cornel University in the U.S. He started working at GTE Laboratories as a networking officer and was later transferred and assigned the duties of chief information officer. He was promoted to this position because of delivering new products on time. After merging of GTE and Bell Atlantic, Verizon communications was established and Kheradpir was appointed the president of e-business. He played crucial role of ensuring Verizon diversified its services as well as automation of operations. He was working with a team of 7,000 staffs who were working in small groups and mandated to create new products.

Minimally Invasive Spine Care by North American Spine

North American Spine, the leader in minimally invasive spine care uses the alternative holistic and a rather conservative approach in treatment of pains of the spine. North American Spine reviews prove that they have been known to offer an exciting range of innovative operative and non-operative options of treatment to patients ailing from chronic spine conditions, back and neck conditions, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and other spine related ailments.
The doctors at the North American spine take the initiative to arm their patients with knowledge so that they are able to make decisions based on certainty on the modes of treatment available for each particular condition one may have to be treated from.
The doctors also help patients understand and consider the alternative therapies available of the non-invasive spinal rehabilitation, before resorting to other surgical procedures. Some of the more conservative techniques include, chiropractic care, epidural steroid injections, physical therapy and pain medications.
Should back surgery be deemed necessary, the North American Spine laser offers a minimally invasive spinal surgery using the AccuraScope. This procedure has been used previously to effectively treat spine issues. The less invasive surgical procedures have a shorter recovery time period. Even though extensive back surgery is required in other instances, it just isn’t the only treatment option available anymore.
North American Spine does not treat their patients in isolation but they work in collaboration with other leading physicians in order to provide as many people with neck and back pains an interventional pain management, orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery.
Owing to the complex nature of the spinal structure, working with the AccuraScope enables surgeons to pinpoint the exact source of pain. This effectively enables them to repair damage and relieve pain in the majority of the cases presented to them. In other words, the success rate with AccuraScope as a mode of treatment is very high.
For instance, bone spurs are more often than not, one of the most common causes of intense back pain. Thus, with the ability to enter the spinal column with the AccuraScope; seeing with the instrument enables the doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of the pain and remove or repair the anomaly that causes the discomfort. This is one of the major benefits of NAS laser surgery and treatment.
North American Spine has now unveiled the CuraSpine and SecuraSpine alongside the AccuraScope procedure. AccuraScope and CuraSpine are minimally invasive decompression procedures which aim to relive the pressure on spinal nerves. TheSecuraSpine provides stabilization through small incision for patients with spinal instability. These modes of spinal treatment have been medically proved to be many times more effective, have faster healing rate that the traditional open spine surgery. It also has very few risks associated with it.

Matt Landis and the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Team Give Back to the Community

The Fourth Annual Playing for Peace Clinic

matt landis play for peace
The men’s lacrosse team at the University of Notre Dame certainly portrayed character, culture, and community, the three pillars which the program was built upon, during the Fourth Annual Playing for Peace Clinic on September 24, 2015. The team traveled to Chicago to meet young athletes participating in O.W.L.S. Lacrosse, the organization co-hosting the free instructional clinic. The fall event, Playing for Peace, brings together college players, coaches, and community members for a positive impact in inner-city schools and athletes living in low-income communities. Participants from the community are invited to attend college games, take part in campus tours, and have also competed in a Playing for Peace essay contest.

matt landis cross
Matt Landis
Matt Landis grew up in Pelham, NY and began his career as an athlete at Pelham Memorial High School, participating in football, hockey, and lacrosse while excelling in academics and participating in the community as a volunteer. named Pelham Memorial football team’s defensive MVP during his junior and sophomore years. He has taken his athletic skill with him to his college years after earning a scholarship to Notre Dame. While interested in various other schools, Landis has stated that he chose Notre Dame due to its Division I programs for sports and excellent academic programs.

matt landis interviews
Landis is currently a starting player for Notre Dame lacrosse. A finance major and full-time student, Landis works part-time and volunteers as well. He pursues his interests in hiking, skiing, skeet shooting, golf, and reading in his spare time.


Stephen Murray Is One Of Three CCMP Capital Past and Present Philanthropist

Stephen Murray, chief executive officer of CCMP capital who passed away at the age of 52 was known for more than being just a top executive. He is known for his philanthropic qualities on He has had many considerable successes in this realm, in addition to the pronounced investor he was. He was an avid supporter of the Make a Wish foundation of metro New York, serving on a committee. In addition to that he supported the food bank of lower Fairfield County. The food bank helps those who struggle, many times it is the decision between paying a bill and eating. This is something no family should have to decide between especially in a country as rich as the United States of America. His work was quite noted and appreciated by many. He is not the only past CCMP employee who was highly dedicated to the idea of fundraising and giving back.

Jeff Walker is in addition to Stephen another head of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital that is noted as one of the biggest givers. It is of note that he equally importantly left the private sector to go work in the not for profit realm. This is a wonderful look for the company CCMP. It must be something in the air that creates world-class professionals who give more than a care about the plight of other organizations working to give back. He is known for donating twenty percent of his time to the not for-profit organizations. He now works with the millennium project which helps people over in Africa with HIV education as just one example.

There is another CCMP current employee ensuring that philanthropy is a goal in addition to his work with the company. His name is Waters Davis, and he is an executive advisor. He has been with the company since 2012. His philanthropic efforts are with the National Christian Foundation. The goal of this charity is to increase the giving in the Texas area. They are the 8th largest charity in the United States according to Mr. Davis LinkedIn page. It is just one more fantastic product of CCMP.

The giving back that has been done by this group of three within the CCMP Capital Company provides great knowledge to the charitable visions of CCMP. These are just three remarkable people giving back to the world. It is moderately possible that the company holds many others deserving such an acknowledgement to their efforts to make this world a better place. It takes a hero to be able to work in such a fiercely competitive industry while in addition taking time to give back. CCMP is furthermore, a company that should be recognized for their ability to stimulate the giving sector.

Shaygan Kheradpir Has Transformed Organizations through Innovativeness and Team Collaboration

A technologist and renowned business executive, Shaygan Kheradpir has led different organizations to attain avant-garde developments in innovations. Kheradpir has served numerous corporate organizations including GTE Corporation, Barclays, Verizon, and Juniper Networks. Having studied electrical engineering, he graduated from Cornel University with bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. His focus in electrical engineering was on control systems.

During his career tenure, he has helped in building mission-driven teams to drive technology to greater levels. He initiated changes in organizations that enhance customer, employee, investor, and community relationships. Recently, he was selected to head Juniper Networks as the CEO a role he played until late 2014. Juniper Networks is a Silicon Valley company specializes in networking.

Prior to being announced the CEO of Juniper Networks, Shaygan on facebook was a technology and chief operations officer serving the Barclays Group. He started working for Barclays sometimes in 2011 and was in charge of global retail bank as the chief operating officer. He rose in rank to become the chief operations and technology guy taking care of the entire bank globally where he handled matters pertaining to business, wealth, cards, retail, corporate as well as investment banking sections.

When working for Barclays, Kheradpir became a catalyst for changes that transformed the bank to align to the industrialization of the 21st century. He pioneered the process of digitalization of front-to-back activities. He also brought in product innovations that change the lives of people such as Cloudit and Pingit when working for Barclays.

Kheradpir’s career began with GTE Labs in Boston. During his career at GTE Labs, he was handling network routing systems, management issues and control aspects of the systems. He later moved to work at GTE headquarters in Dallas. Here he was dealing with systems development for GTE including wireless, wireline, and internetworking.

Following the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic in 2000, a new company was formed known as Verizon. Kheradpir has worked for Verizon for a long duration. Kheradpir moved to New York where he was appointed to be the head of eBusiness Unit at Verizon. He subsequently became the CIO for the company.

Kheradpir has been known for his effort of assembling world-class teams and an understanding of the potential presented by team collaboration. He has achieved breakthroughs through his ability to manage the workforce. He believes in creating small teams that work together to speed up production of new products and deliver to exceptional levels. He was the man heading a workforce of more than 7000 staff who handled IT system’s support at Verizon.

Real Estate Offerings In New York City Burroughs

I ran across an article on the New York Times’ website about the current real estate market in New York. The market in New York City has changed quite a bit in recent years. The city is safer and cleaner than it has been in recent memory, and finding apartments in NYC luxury real estate and homes in the area are more affordable than they have been in awhile as far as New York standards go.

If you’re on a budget that is under half a million and you’re looking for something with a yard, then Staten Island may be your best bet, but other neighborhoods like Manhattan may take a little more time and patience to find something nice and that affordable. Brooklyn has a place called the No. 2 at 268 Berkeley Place in Park Slope that’s considered a cooperative complex that is priced under $500,000, and the residents say that it takes you out of the big city feel of things. Places like that do have a drawback though. The place in Brooklyn has a garden that’s actually bigger than the apartment itself. There are places in Brooklyn that have more space and outdoor areas though, but the outdoor space is commonly considered as the lawns separating the buildings.

The Bronx, which is a surprisingly a safer burrough in New York, doesn’t have a lot of outdoor options under $500,000, but the outskirts of the neighborhood are ripe with awesome views of the city and plenty of fresh air. The Bronx has an area called the balcony district where there’s about 30 square feet of space on the balconies, and that is enough room to convert a balcony into a patio and put small furniture on it. A lot of real estate brokers also attest to the Bronx being a quieter neighborhood, and people are usually going to get more bang for their buck there.

Since there are so many options available, and there are so many neighborhoods to choose from in a huge area, then it might be a good idea to go with a luxury real estate service firm like Town Residential. The firm was founded in 2010, and it has been named one of the best places to work in New York City so you will always get a courteous professional willing to help you. Most of the executives there are rich in knowledge regarding New York City no matter what your price point is.

Impacts of Shaygan Kheradpir in the Business World

Following his great achievements in business circles, Shaygan Kheradpir is now regarded as a business and technology executive. His efforts are notable in various organizations that include Juniper Networks, Barclays, and Verizon. Shaygan has a masters and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University. The articles give an outline of Shaygan efforts in various organizations where his contributions have had great impact.

In his career, Shaygan main area of specialization was in the control system on He secured his first employment in network routing, control and management at GTE Labs. He became a very important figure in the organization for delivering new products on time. His efforts earned him more respect, and he was appointed as the Chief Information Officer at GTE Labs. In his career, Shaygan came up with purpose-driven teams. These teams are designed to initiate important changes to investors, customers, employees and the whole community at large. Globally, Shaygan has connected, extended and introduced new products in many industries across traditional disciplines.

Shaygan founded a world-class organization at GTE Labs. As a result, National Network Management emerged, an avenue that integrated GTE labs transmission and switched systems. The systems offered a significant role by assisting GTE beef up its business circles. As a result, the networks for operations of the company became more effective. Shaygan contributions were also eminent when he later moved to the GTE headquarters. Here he initiated development of various systems such as information and inter-networking. At this point, GTE brought important systems to the state ownership, through advancement in computer science, thereby improving operational excellence from the improved structures.

In 2000, Verizon Communication was established when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged. Initially, Shaygan became the president of the e-business division at Verizon. At Verizon, Shaygan contributions are heavily seen especially in his contributions to diversifying telecommunication services at the company as well as automating the operations. Shaygan formed a team of new talents capable of engineering competitive products and services. He also made significant contributions bringing change into the Verizon revenue by bringing advanced technology in IP and multi-media. At Verizon, Shaygan efforts were also evident when he helped the company reduce IT cost significantly.

In 2011, Shaygan became the global Chief Operating Officer at Barclays Bank. At Barclays, Shaygan became an integral person and a catalyst in the transformation of necessary cultural changes in line with the 21st-century process for industrialization. The industrialization processes are such as front-to-back digitization and innovation for products that are of concern to people.

In January 2014, Shaygan headed Juniper Networks as the CEO. Here he established the Integrated Operating Plan (IOP). The plan was aligned with what investors recommended as a way cut down expenses and achieve growth in dividends.

Shaygan impact in business and technology world remains critical and forms a basis for innovation of new products and service.

Information About Eucatex Group

President Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur from the Brazil. He was born back in the 1961 and enrolled for a medical course in a local institution before leaving for America. In the United States, he continued his studies at the New York University. He later joined the Eucatex Group in 1987 and used his administrative and entrepreneurial skills to run the company. The administrative knowledge that he acquired from the New York University helped him to run the company until 1996. In 1997, the shareholders and other leaders made him the president of the company after accessing his abilities. All the shareholders and his relatives approved his capabilities.

The Eucatex Group was established in 1950 as a company that deals with taking care of the environment. It was known for using the eucalyptus tree as the input for the production of boards and panels. Over the years, the firm has advanced its productions, and it is now producing the acoustical ceilings, acoustic plates, insulating plates, and soft wood sheets. President Maluf launched the use of modern tools in the manufacturing processes of the Eucatex Group.

The entrepreneur has helped the firm to open an outlet in the city of Botucatu. The company has a team of managers who aims at ensuring that the company operate as per the set plan and achieve both the long and short terms goals. The firm has a record of participating in the charity events. The staffs take part in helping the local society and the needy. The president leads them in taking initiatives in the neighboring communities and caring for the sick. They train the local people on the ways to take care of the environment and by encouraging them to plant more trees.

The company welcomes external investors to buy their shares and be part of its ownership. You can take part in the leasing project or the forestry partnership. Forestry leasing involves an agreement between the rural owners and the company where the owners lease out their properties for a stipulated period, and they receive payment from the firm. Companies prefer to lease instead of buying a property when the leasing fee is cheaper to buying.

Eucatex Group has invested in ensuring Corporate Governance of all departments. It has established ethical channels to ensure transparency in all operations. They train their customers and suppliers on ways to use these channels. They also highlight the main issues that you need to report and especially those caused by the workers.