Perry Mandera Discusses The Importance Of BoL’s In The Transportation Industry

As a very successful executive in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera has not only amassed over forty years of experience, he has gained exceptional knowledge regarding the importance and purpose of a bill of lading. A bill of lading is also referred to as a B/L or a BoL and represents a critical aspect of the shipping chain. There are three main objectives to a BoL document, a receipt for the merchandise, the contract’s evidence, and the good’s document title.


Trucking is an important aspect in the transportation industry, and the standard has been set by Perry Mandera. The first time he took the wheel of a truck was when he served the United States Marines as a reservist (Chicago.CBSLocal). BoL’s have a legal significance throughout this industry because they are a contract of carriage. They ensure the parameters of the seller are in accordance with the carriers’ process cargo. Perry Mandera understands criminal prosecution can result when a BoL is not filled out properly.


The BoL is a receipt of goods, and proof to the seller the cargo shipped was received by the carrier. The document additionally proves the cargo was in good condition when it was received. Prior to beginning a transportation business of his own when he was 23, Perry Mandera had learned the facts regarding a BoL. He ensured if a buyer received goods that were damaged, it was determined if the carrier or manufacturer were responsible.


Perry Mandera sold his business five years later. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. He chose Northlake, Illinois for the location. He is responsible for the business and sales development and makes certain the service received by his customers is of the highest quality. Perry Mandera offers numerous features online including an electronic bill of lading.


Perry Mandera ensures all BoL’s are accurate, and that the holder can transfer the rights to transport and claim the cargo to a different party. This is frequently beneficial concerning negotiations. Until all payment has been made for services, the carrier has the right to retain the BoL. To ensure a smooth delivery, they can transfer these rights to a third party.

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