Police Force at San Francisco should be scrutinized declares Gascon, DA

Law and order at San Francisco are facing a lot of criticism from the involved parties. It has been evidence how verbal punches have been thrown from one corner to the other when a given issue is raised by the District Attorney. Monotony and power are the primary cause of the evidenced wrangles at the law enforcing office.
Gascon is the DA of the San Francisco state, and he has been involved in various confrontations from his former and current fellow law enforcers. He has the heart of being involved in maintaining and bringing law and order, but he is always not welcomed by his previous activities when he was in the same positions. He recently filed a felony that involved three former police officers and one current deputy of being involved in making prisoners fight in one of the prisons in the state.
George Gascon was once a chief at the Police Officers associations, but he is currently revealing the obstructions that went on at the institution. He has cited incidents of racism, biases, gender imbalance and sexual orientations in the force. The allegations have been not positively absorbed by the rest of strength analyzing officers since they feel that he is isn’t speaking the truth about what is going on.
Criticizers such as Martin Halloran, the current president of POA responded to the reforms that Gascon brought forward as not being of right motives. He states that the DA may be looking for other reasons so that he can enter the political scene of the country. He also indicated that he may be looking for an opportunity to seek for positions in other offices in the future. With such utterances, it puts the DA into a tight corner to perform his duties.
Gascon recently appointed a committee to investigate the issue in reaction to racism and biases in the police force an issue that was not positively absorbed by the rest of the law enforcers. They lashed at him portraying him as the traitor and a pretender who is always having other motives that are beyond his reach.


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