Premium Dog Foods Grow In Popularity, Beneful Among The Best

The healthfood-for-dogs industry is surging in popularity. An article from Daily Herald discusses the growth in the industry. Pet food is a $23.7 billion industry that is seeing companies with new innovations appearing rapidly. The trend is that “The eat-like-your-owner strategy appears to be working.”

Pet owners like the idea of feeding their pets fresh foods, made from real ingredients. Freshpet’s refrigerated foods are also growing in popularity with their coolers popping up in a number of chain stores, including a high end line meant to mimic the Paleo diet in humans. However despite the high price and growing popularity, the sales still make up a very small portion of overall canned food sales and the company is not yet turning a profit.

In 2001, Beneful brand dog food, owned by Nestle Purina Store Petcare, was introduced to the market. It’s initial marketing was based upon the principle of health food for pets, before the concept exploded in popularity. Beneful was promoted as healthy, made with real beef. A company spokesperson said “the term ‘Beneful’ means ‘full of goodness.'”

Beneful maintains a top spot among the premium foods for dogs, ranking fourth among dog food brands as of 2012. Each bag or can of Beneful, or Beneful treat, is made with top quality ingredients. Real meats and healthy vegetables are the components of the high quality pet food choice of Beneful. When you feed your best friend Beneful, you are feeding him one of the best, healthiest, tastiest foods on the market today.

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