Stephen Murray Is One Of Three CCMP Capital Past and Present Philanthropist

Stephen Murray, chief executive officer of CCMP capital who passed away at the age of 52 was known for more than being just a top executive. He is known for his philanthropic qualities on He has had many considerable successes in this realm, in addition to the pronounced investor he was. He was an avid supporter of the Make a Wish foundation of metro New York, serving on a committee. In addition to that he supported the food bank of lower Fairfield County. The food bank helps those who struggle, many times it is the decision between paying a bill and eating. This is something no family should have to decide between especially in a country as rich as the United States of America. His work was quite noted and appreciated by many. He is not the only past CCMP employee who was highly dedicated to the idea of fundraising and giving back.

Jeff Walker is in addition to Stephen another head of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital that is noted as one of the biggest givers. It is of note that he equally importantly left the private sector to go work in the not for profit realm. This is a wonderful look for the company CCMP. It must be something in the air that creates world-class professionals who give more than a care about the plight of other organizations working to give back. He is known for donating twenty percent of his time to the not for-profit organizations. He now works with the millennium project which helps people over in Africa with HIV education as just one example.

There is another CCMP current employee ensuring that philanthropy is a goal in addition to his work with the company. His name is Waters Davis, and he is an executive advisor. He has been with the company since 2012. His philanthropic efforts are with the National Christian Foundation. The goal of this charity is to increase the giving in the Texas area. They are the 8th largest charity in the United States according to Mr. Davis LinkedIn page. It is just one more fantastic product of CCMP.

The giving back that has been done by this group of three within the CCMP Capital Company provides great knowledge to the charitable visions of CCMP. These are just three remarkable people giving back to the world. It is moderately possible that the company holds many others deserving such an acknowledgement to their efforts to make this world a better place. It takes a hero to be able to work in such a fiercely competitive industry while in addition taking time to give back. CCMP is furthermore, a company that should be recognized for their ability to stimulate the giving sector.

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