Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope Puts Money Where Mouth Is

Recently, the well-known Arizona tech entrepreneur Jason Hope received positive attention for his $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation. The far-sighted innovator set his sights on the biotechnology fund because he believes that biotechnology in general and rejuvenate technology in particular is one of the most promising areas of medical research.

Jason Hope’s generous donation will be used to fund research into slowing, preventing and possibly even reversing the detrimental effects of atherosclerosis. The underlying disease process is caused by inflammation and the body’s repair mechanism, depositing hard proteins similar to those that form over scars.

This process of inflammation and repair lies at the heart of the deadliest killer in the United States, coronary disease. But it’s widely believed to also underlie many other illnesses and negative effects associated with aging. This includes everything from presbyopia, skin wrinkling and peripheral artery disease. Jason Hope’s contribution is a significant step forward in the fight against the deleterious effects of aging.

But Jason Hope, a long-practicing entrepreneur, has set his sights even higher in terms of personal goals. He is currently working on a startup that will specialize in the Internet of Things, and Mr. Hope is hoping to drum up excitement about this coming technology which will certainly dominate the next 100 years.

The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, is an extension of the existing World Wide Web to everything from home appliances to assembly lines. Jason Hope writes that even things that are not currently considered smart, or even technology, like bottles of water or doors, will be wired eventually. Although this sounds silly at first, it is no laughing matter. By wiring smart technology into everyday objects and items, the Internet of Things will allow for a level and accuracy of data collection never before dreamed possible.

For companies, this means things like logistics and inventory management, things that U.S. companies spend billions on every year, will attain levels of efficiency hardly imaginable today. Employees will never have to punch in or out and will be able to work shifts only when they’re needed. Jason Hope has always had an eye for the future. We should all keep our eyes on him to see where it will take us.

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